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  1. RMMV The Singing Scar - Unique 15-hour RPG in a rich multiverse

    hey i finished your game 2 days ago...really good game
  2. RMMZ Infringe Ace Devaduta 2

    I have finished yesterday your game...i like it
  3. RMMZ Infringe Ace Devaduta 2

    hello when i download the file winrar tell me that the file is broken
  4. RMMV Questbound

    I downloaded your file but is corrupted,i repaired and stil corrupted...Please help
  5. RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    Hello good morning,I repaired the file but is still corrupted...Thank you very much
  6. RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    hello i try to download your games but when i open the rar he tells me that the file are corrupted. Thank you very much
  7. RMMV Preado - The Epilogue

    I didn't receive the link to download@EthanWayne696
  8. RMMV Epic Wings

    Good morning,i downloaded and playing your game but i stucked in the tower of hell,can you help me to solve the riddle of "the present is past and the past is present? thank you very much and have a nice day

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Oh my, couldn't give my take on obfuscation subject (with my own plugins I tried to obsfucate with mixed results), topic was closed too fast, while I was still reading, hahaha. Well, back to my code I go
Spent all day writing code, only for it to result in an endless loop...sigh.:kaosigh:
So um what is the deal with ,why are there two rpg maker websites now? Is it any different from the current one
When the Panic gauge is full, Mike will turn into Omar in a state of actual panic. his move list changes and until the meter depletes completely, he'll be able make use of this alter ego.
So unbelievably excited for IGMC this year! First public game was for the original one and I'm just so pumped!!

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