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    Hello + About Me!

    Yeah! I feel I need a lot more to learn and grow, but I appreciate the kind words! And it's never too late to get back into it!
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    Are there times when you feel a little too old for this? (Making games)

    Nah. I saw a 50+ year old man riding a grocery cart out of the store like he was 10 years old. It's not eexactly the same topic, but imo age is how old you feel. There is no limit to what you can or should be doing based on your age I think. There are people in their 60s and 70s going back to...
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    Who here has to watch something while eating?

    Unless I'm in public, I feel I cant enjoy my meal without watching something on YT or Netflix
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    If you could make any laws what laws would you make?

    I would make it illegal to talk on the phone in public places like a grocery store. I dont like hearing someone's whole conversation.
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    Will it be interesting if RPG Maker's game has a lot thing to do?

    Giving the player the ability to do many things beyond the main story, does add replayability and add to play time, if they happen to be enjoyable! There are some activities that arent enjoyable in games even tho the player has free reign to do them or not, it probably drives completionists...
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    What's the best bro/womance you've ever seen/heard of?

    The one between Simon and Kamina in gurren Lagann is one that always makes me cry. Idk I guess I personally see irl bonds between Male friends that are that strong.
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    What's The Story Behind Your Avatar?

    The short answer is that I'm a vtuber! So my avatar is basically more or less me/my OC. I use it for streaming and interacting with other vtubers. I suppose I do have "lore" but it's really basic lmao
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    Who else misses the arcade?

    I used to work at an arcade. One of my worst jobs bc of how popular the arcade is, my coworkers and bosses were cool, but customers were terrible. But I'm finding myself even missing stuff like this because of all of this Corona stuff. Hopefully it all gets cleared up this year. I miss people lol
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    Hello + About Me!

    I've been drawing for about that long too! I originally was just a writer but wanted pictures too so that's why I started drawing lol
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    Is the first enemy encounter area in your game a forest?

    Technically speaking in my game, it's "Woods" which would still count, but the player has free reign to go to other places, so technically their first encounter good be on a beach or in the beach's cave. There's nothing wrong with starting in the forest however in my opinion. It's familiar and...
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    What Do You Do With Your Abandoned Projects?

    When I scrap something I typically will take some of the old ideas and use them for something else down the road, whether its a short story or game it varies, but the scrapped ideas usually have potential, maybe I was just in a different head space to make it work effectively in the old project...
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    Front View or Side View?

    I think it depends on the style of the game personally and what the developer's intentions are. I feel Front View is really classic if you want that old-school feel. It could also make the player feel more immersed as if they themselves are the ones in battle vs seeing side-view of the...
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    [Story Tips] Shatter the illusion

    I don't personally think cliché's are bad. In fact my favorite game Fire Emblem: Awakening's story is a HUGE CLICHE. But the characters and their interactions with one another is what carries the game heavily which is a running thing for most Fire Emblem titles. I think most writers and...
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    One common thing your characters share with you?

    To a degree yes and no! When it comes to games, I base them off initially off of people I know or characters I like, and then I start riddling them with flaws! I think there's only ever been one or two characters that were heavily based off of myself!
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    Hello + About Me!

    Welcome! You greeted me on my post, so I felt it was only right to do the same for you! I'm also a digital illustrator! How long have you been drawing?

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