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    Why people think Rpg maker is limited

    There is some limitations to the various RPG Maker, the older ones more so than MV. More often then not, I think when we say it's limited, we are referring to the basic product you get and in that case, I would agree. You can often overcome those limitations or deal with them, but it's a...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Very nice, I like the offbeat vibe it has, reminds me a bit of a tame version of the weird trailer for LISA. A lot of rpg maker devs should take notes here!
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    Would you buy a game like this? If so, what do you think it should be priced at?

    It sounds conceptually interesting. However for me personally, default combat engine and RTP graphics combined together are a big turn off for any RPG maker commercial project. It would make a great IGMC game contestant or prototype worth playing but I doubt it would have enough appeal for me...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    It's the encoding method you use that causes this, some methods make the gifs smaller that way but weirdly sped up. I ran into the same issue recording my gifs. Depending on your recording software, you can try changing the encoder and see what works for you in term of quality/size.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Running some tests in 720p Recorded some gifs but the quality gets destroyed when uploading to image host services. So... links to my google drive instead.
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    Making an engaging warrior class

    Techniques, Stances, Weapon Swaps come to mind as things you could potentially explore. Technique Examples Applying oil to the weapon and then lighting it on fire. Making enemies vulnerable to further physical attacks. Stunning an enemy with a pommel strike. Disarming an enemy, reducing their...
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    Enforcing difficulty lock when installing from unofficial download services

    No offense but what's the point of doing this in the first place? It's funny when it comes off as a joke from a really popular Triple A blockbuster game but as an indie dev, it's kind of a pointless waste of your time in my opinion. Knock yourself out if you want, but that really sounds entirely...
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    How to make fun "Attack"?

    Removing it entirely is a consideration and probably what I would do personally. The attack command is like a relic of the old school systems, just like random encounters, there's nothing interesting about it. You could also replace it with something that replenishes resources instead or...
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    Been working on a game and struggling

    This is a week late for this piece of advice, but it's a lesson that everybody learns at some point. Make backups frequently. I'm fairly sure we've all been there and lost large amount of work to X factor out of our control. For my own projects I now back things up on a USB key and on google...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    To be honest, it was pretty hard, yes, given my very rudimentary coding skills and the fact I knew nothing of javascript when I first started. It's mostly built via some serious eventing (lots of script calls and stuff) and some basic scripting to incorporate or modify engine features that I...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Some shots of Metropolis 13. (Being made in MV) Started as an idea for last year's IGMC, a year of coding, assets production and polish later I'm about to have a playable alpha. I'll most likely start making gifs of it in 720p at some point later in the week to actually display how it looks in...
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    Good Examples of Episodic RPG Maker Content

    Space Pilgrim is what comes to mind, seems it did pretty well commercially overall. The developer also has a few other short form games that did well if I judge by the amount of positive reviews. However there's a significant decay in buyers over the episodes it seems.
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    2017 IGMC Goals and Progress Thread

    That awkward moment when you realize you started your game in a blank project from a 2015 trial version of MV... Yea, had to scrap it and start over after bricking the game trying to revert scripts to default lol. Thankfully I spent more time messing around outside MV than anything else. At...
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    2017 IGMC Goals and Progress Thread

    I've been working on a card game RPG hybrid. So far, so good, but I still have a lot of work to do. I got the framework for the design done, but I'm still brainstorming some mechanics. I have a WIP sketch of one of the character which helps me get a feeling for the artstyle and theme (sort of...
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    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    Sums up my gut feeling about this haha. I will probably still try to enter but it would be disappointing to be excluded from the competitive part of it and not even have my entry judged.

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