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    WAYWARD | Dark-Souls inspired RPG | Seeking Everybody

    When you say seeking "everybody" do you really mean everybody? (I mean not in the literal sense, but y'know). You didn't specify voice acting, but are you thinking about possibly including it? Though you did mention NPC laughs so I'm guessing you'll need it in SOME sense. Anyway, I am a voice...
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    Tagou: True Self

    I know that voice acting was low on your list of needs, but I am available for voice acting! Let me know if you are still interested in possibly having voices.

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When your side job becomes more interesting than your dayjob and you think "do I quit again or finally actually do the same thing for more than five consecutive years..." I don't think I'll ever be able to say that though, I just cannot stick with one thing like you're 'supposed to'.
Does the word "research" imply that you're searching for something that had been found before?
So Dad broke the blinds two days ago and he finally decided to try to fix them. I doubt he'll do very well without some help. And I can't help him myself--I don't know how the stink to fix those blinds. My knowledge is just plushies, mascots, computers, animation, and video game design. And also, I've had to stop family and friends from downloading viruses too many times to count.
Welcome to the Illuminaughty store.
Yes... they are "wearing Illuminati branded everything, reclining on huge Illuminati body pillows. Occasionally they'll "teehee" at each other and have pillow fights with Illuminati branded pillows full of hundred dollar bills."
Working on Escalia again, feels good. Have this overwhelming urge to map as well, but need to get some extra tiles commissioned first :D

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