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    Bank Plugin [Version 2.0.2]

    Hey @Geowil, have you had a chance to look into this at all?
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    Trying to make an armor...

    Hey all, I'm trying to make a piece of armor that when equipped will cut the actor's max HP in half, increase MAT and MDF by half, and use HP instead of MP to cast spells. Naturally when unequipping it, HP, MAT and MDF would have to return to normal levels. Anyone know of a way to do this...
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    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    Sort of minor issue here - I'm using the Character Creator EX plugin, but my created characters don't show up in MV3D. CCEX works fine in normal MV. Not a dealbreaker as I can (if need be) just go straight 1st person but a problem with that is I'm also using Alpha ABS and it seems to kind of...
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    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    So I wanted to try this out and see how it goes. On a not-new project, I get "Error loading bushAlpha.png" when clicking new game. The MV3D folder is present (with the bushalpha.png) in project\img. This project is updated to current version and as I said it's not new so there's a bunch of other...
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    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    Hey all, is anyone aware of a way to apply a lighting effect to an animation? I have a sequence where a number of lightning bolts hit, but they're no brighter than the rest of the screen (which is darkened for nighttime, I think ambient light is set to 20). I'd like to light those up if at all...
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    Need to remove entire inventory on death

    Problem solved - took some additional searching, but I came across these two script calls: $; $gameParty.initAllItems(); And those do the job.
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    Multiple Inventories

    Hoping someone is watching this thread, I have some questions. In the plugin, I'm able to set the name of the default inventory. What is the default inventory? What items are in it? How can I choose the items that I want in it? For my needs, I'd like that set aside as a completely empty...
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    Need to remove entire inventory on death

    Neither { } nor [ ] are working. I'll look into Hime's plugin. I just need the inventory bit, the script call to remove gold is working just fine. Edit: Not really understanding Hime's plugin, a lot is left unexplained in the help section. I posted a question in the plugin thread about it, but...
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    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    Hey guys, I'm running into some death problems here. First off, when my character dies, he just vanishes. Doesn't show the downed sprite. I'm using a custom character through Character Creator EX, so that may have something to do with it (seeing as how it needs a plugin command to display a...
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    Need to remove entire inventory on death

    THAT is what I was looking for! Thanks so much! Edit: Doesn't seem to work, though...
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    Bank Plugin [Version 2.0.2]

    Quick update - I noticed it works just fine when I use the menu with my mouse instead of keyboard, so I'm wondering if it just has a weird key setup? I've tried other keys on my keyboard but I get the same result. Also when I activate deposit/withdrawal with the mouse, the window where I select...
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    Bank Plugin [Version 2.0.2]

    Hopefully someone's around to see this. Weird problem - the bank scene opens as it should, I'm allowed to select the amount of gold to deposit, but it doesn't actually deposit. When I hit Enter after selecting amount, it just goes back to the Deposit/Withdraw/Cancel menu with no change in...
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    Need to remove entire inventory on death

    Hey all, I'm looking for a way to remove my character's inventory on death. Just take it and throw it into the void. I've got the gold part handled, but I'm not seeing a way to remove everything else. Conditional branches aren't ideal as the game is heavily loot dependent, I'd have 20 million...
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    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    So I added those notetags, but I'm still having a problem with the dead blocking my routes. The dead bodies aren't there, I just can't pass where they were. Since the first land battle takes place in a fairly confined space with a fairly large number of characters (8 player, 8 enemy), this...
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    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    That plugin you sent me works perfectly. A few more questions though: 1. Are you aware of any way, either through the TBS or another plugin or within the MV engine itself, to calculate a damage falloff? I have energy weapons in my game and ideally I'd like them to do full damage 1 square away...

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