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  1. RMXP Railroad Tracks

    also, this door (far right, same level as the house/post office) doesn't work. you can't go into it, it doesn't do anything.
  2. RMXP Railroad Tracks

    this game is like incomprehensibly tedious. that's my #1 complaint. it's fun and all but there's no way most players would stay as long as i have. 90% of the playtime is just constantly wandering at a snail's pace inside these enormous maps, usually with little to no way to have any clue where...
  3. RMXP Railroad Tracks

    i just climbed a corn mountain for fifteen minutes and found memory 15. flamingos are a thing. i knew that already, but apparently they're relevant??
  4. RMXP Railroad Tracks

    update: weird officeland found me a new memory. apparently my mom is that woman i found in the tall tower in the grass world (sad music)? tall white tower surrounded by grass and woods. also you should add the ability for us to re-view old memories, since i already got memories 1 and 8 and...
  5. RMXP Railroad Tracks

    yo there are SO MANY ways to escape this map. i'm not even looking for them, i just keep accidentally leaving. sometimes it leads to an actual new place so I don't know if it's supposed to work like that or not?
  6. RMXP Railroad Tracks

    alright i picked this up and put this down in july but i'm just getting into it again. i have NO idea what's going on. i'm going to chronicle all the different universes i've found starting world underground memory gets-really-bright-tunnel the land of the-insides-of-towers and stairs that...
  7. RMVXA Geiken

    During the second spider boss in the CC, it's very easy to kill it undamaged by running up into a corner and attacking from there.
  8. RMVXA Geiken

    Oof thanks, sorry I didn't see that. I'd also like to submit this meme.
  9. RMVXA Geiken

    Alright. Could I also ask a few of the scripts you used? It would be cool to see how stuff like the redone chests, the above-head item activation text, the grappling hook, the compass, the ABS, and etc. were done.
  10. RMVXA Geiken

    Hey, checking back in to report a bug with the latest version: during the plot twist at the top of the tower (not going to say any more, don't want people getting spoiled) in the flashbacks no characters are visible, it's just empty maps.
  11. RMVXA Geiken

    Thank you. Are Blurite Scarves, equipped on other party members, meant to increase mana for Peren?
  12. RMVXA Geiken

    Hello. Possible bug. In the latest version of the game, Peren's MP does not increase with leveling. I'm at level 20, just obtained the desert staff, and have just now realized Peren's 1 MP limit might not be an intentional nerf of the heal, but in fact a bug. If it is a bug, it would be nice if...
  13. Chapter Select

    I love this; I may just use it in Aeon.
  14. Way to make different monsters have different death messages?

    I don't see why I need more than what I have. I don't know how to edit my top post (when I try, it makes me edit the title instead). Can you ignore the fact that it says "fades away"? Because currently I don't see how you're not getting this. I'm sorry I apparently can't get information across...
  15. Way to make different monsters have different death messages?

    I legitimately just want a way for different monsters to have different death messages. I'm sorry I made it so extremely hard to understand by saying "fades away", but seriously.

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