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  1. Can Hime's Sync Save Data effect only predeternened savefiles?

    Im working with Orangeautosave plugin for well autosave. That on itself works. I save ones manually and store it into a variable for autosave on said fileslot. However i want to be able to save during combat. Using Orange's plugin however causes issues. Figured a way around that would be to...
  2. Autosave during combat.

    maybe but my intent was to use it every turn during combat aswell. Party wipe doesnt have to mean game over.
  3. Autosave during combat.

    Im looking at the various autosave plugins that exist and while i did find one that does most of it the issue i keep having is that i cant seem to figure out how to make saveing during combat works(or if its even possible) I can interrupt events and such by making use of variables and switches...
  4. Yep-Attachable Augments/ItemUpgradeSlots and dropped items.

    Sorry for the late response. It wassnt what i was looking for but it did help me in knowing what i want from such plugins. And did find that so you bin helpful. Thx.
  5. Yep-Attachable Augments/ItemUpgradeSlots and dropped items.

    Is it possible to have items drop that already has slots occupied by either plugin?
  6. Showing part of a variable(numbers)

    Solved it. Thx both of you.
  7. Showing part of a variable(numbers)

    Well ive got as far now as: var i = $gameVariables.value(1) + ""; $gameVariables.setValue(1, i); ------------------------------------------ By doing(var1 is 12345): $gameVariables.value(1)[0] $gameVariables.value(1)[1] Allows me to do what i set out to do. By storing...
  8. Showing part of a variable(numbers)

    So i have a name stored into a variable. Lets say "Tomato" in variable 1. I am able to store part of it in variable 2 with $gameVariables.value(1)[0] and another in var 3 with $gameVariables.value(1)[3]. when i call var 2 and 3 in text it says ta. However when i put a number in variable 1 it...
  9. adding elemental damage to weapon/skills.

    Looking for a way to add elemental damage on top of whatever i already do. I know its not a very good explanation. better give a example instead, First thing comes to mind is stuff from games i used to play World of Warcraft. Weapon enchanted with Fiery. Swing with weapon deals: a.atk(pysical...
  10. How can i make states/weapon surpass statscap in Yanfly Base parameter control?

    im looking for a way to make my weapons/states enable me to surpass buildin max stats. im pretty sure that its possible but anything i tried didnt work... what im looking for is that if for example i drink a potion that grands +50 atk i actually want it to be +50 atk and not +5 due to cap of...
  11. Altering menus?

    Yanfly's plugin Main Menu Manager alows you to remove the option option from your menu.
  12. Need some help on the Shop Window.

    Working on adding a extra window in the Shop Scene so i can show of the currencies i use in YanFly's Extra currency plugin so i can actually see all currencies i have. After couple of tutorials on how to do stuff and get everything in place i came to a point where it shows all i want it to...
  13. Yanfly Shopmenu(more currencies)

    Hello. Im not entirely sure if this is the correct thread to ask this but here goes. Im using Yanfly's ShopCore menu since i wanted to use the Extra Currency option one of the extension gives. When i open the shopmenu it still shows the default gold currency. How do i remove this since i only...

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