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  • lol is this like the rpg maker version of facebook
    I agree with Sharm. +1 Like.
    I have to agree, some people make it to personal. "Today I did this, then I did this, then I did this, then next I'll do this then this then that and that"

    I'm like "UGH.... @_@"
    This is my new facebook actually. :p

    I mean... I still enter facebook to arrange a meeting (irl) and stuff but THIS is a better place to communicate and share stuff. It seems that's why forums never lost their warmth I suppose. Sadly and gladly this is the first forum I have ever been active.
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I've been thinking about doing a jokey submission for the Christmas jam in which, like a cartoon special where all the characters "play" a counterpart in A Christmas Carol, my MagiCats would each play a role from the C.A. Smith story The Coming of the White Worm, with Cyprian as Evagh, Rousalie as Dooni and so forth. But in the end, I figure all my development efforts should go toward the game proper.
In twitter, square phoenix had successfully prompted chatgpt to make the mini game watermelon pangpang.

drew some stuff to see how frontview might look. not entirely sold on or off of it yet. "could" work, but something feels missing.
Shower Thoughts: ". . . Scammers would be OP in the Elder Scrolls. They could just get speech 100 and blatantly ask everyone for all of their money, and everyone would think it's a great investment. And then after being robbed blind, they'd say, with a smile on their face, 'need something?' "
Day #2 for advent is compiled. Please, go to their threads to share love! But, if you wanna talk to me…what’s your favorite Christmas carol or holiday song?

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