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    Plant Skill Animations?

    Thanks!  I'll look them up.  However, I'm not going to ask this be marked as fulfilled/solved/insert-term-of-choice due to the tree and venus flytrap requests.  They're kind of odd ones, so there's a pretty big chance they haven't been done before.
  2. SamHain

    Plant Skill Animations?

    I have a character in the game I'm working with a great deal of nature themed skills, most of them based off the skills demonstrated by Yoko/Kurama from the manga/anime series YuuYuuHakusho.  I've been looking around for a while, but have come up empty handed.  There are plenty of plant sprites...
  3. SamHain

    Skill Costs

    Sorry for the necro.  After playing around with the Stacking States script, the following question came to mind: Would it be possible to make a skill that needs / costs a certain number of stacks of a state? 
  4. SamHain

    CP's Battle Engine: Change Actor Battler?

    I'm an idjit.  I just discovered NeonBlack wrote a series of scripts to plug in to his engine, one of which does exactly what I need (his Graphic States script, for anyone else who happens to have the same question I did). Please mark as as "Solved".
  5. SamHain

    CP's Battle Engine: Change Actor Battler?

    CP's Battle Engine.  Created by NeonBlack.  I love this thing, especially in mode three.  It meets so many of my needs all in one neat little package.  In fact, it meets so many of my needs that I'm loathe to move away from it.  It gives me a wide range of creative possibilities.  While it...
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    Eliminate item tabs

    Shadowmaster9000 has a script that allows you to do custom item categories.  You could probably use their script, and simply eliminate the categories you don't want displayed.  I found their script here. Alternately, you could use KGC's script that Seiryuki ported to VX ACE which has a similar...
  7. SamHain

    How many of those organs are really vital anyway? I mean... -REALLY-?

    How many of those organs are really vital anyway? I mean... -REALLY-?
  8. SamHain

    A Tribute to Terry Pratchett; Discworld Sprites

    I may do him.  While I enjoyed the Moist stories, I felt at the time I was putting the list together that his sprite would be a little on the generic side (gold suits, pants, and winged hat).  This doesn't mean, however, that I'm opposed to making a Moist von Lipwig sprite, just that he didn't...
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    Sam Hain's Sam Hain Static Battler - Sucky to Ace RTP Style Conversion

    That, my friend, is an absolutely fantastic job!  :guffaw:
  10. SamHain

    Static Battler Request

    I'm not all that great when it comes to battlers, but I took a crack at it anyway.  If it isn't what you're looking for, I won't be offended.
  11. SamHain

    Sam Hain's Sam Hain Static Battler - Sucky to Ace RTP Style Conversion

    Not a problem.  I know how it is.  I only asked because of a similar reason; sanity check due to having multiple tabs opened up to multiple boards when I posted.
  12. SamHain

    Static Battler Request

    Which battler were you considering for a base?
  13. SamHain

    Seeking Credits for Cat face (old site - 2009-2010)

    Along the same line of thought, maybe Aindra or Professor Meow Meow can recall the original source?
  14. SamHain

    Static Battler Request

    I'm assuming you're looking for XP's RTP style?

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