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  1. Rest of the RM2K party to MV (and maybe the enemies too)

    Description of the Feature: It would be a graphichal pack containing the missing heroes from rm2k It would contain everything an MV character needs: walking animation, death pose, sv battler, faceset - and extra bust image because the rest of the party already have bust images Optionally this...
  2. Bind Pictures To Map

    Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone else encoutnered this problem, but if I have this plugin active (just set ON in the plugin manager I don't even do anything with plugin commands) and I have a picture let's say at ID#10 (id doesn't matter) and I tint that picture, then I show a different...
  3. [Solved] Is altering original js files allowed?

    Thanks everyone for the answers . So long story short: everyone can edit the default scripts but they should make an external plugin instead where they override the methods they want to alter.
  4. [Solved] Is altering original js files allowed?

    Thanks for the quick answer! That's sad but understandable. What if I make an external plugin which overrides some of the base scripts' functions? I hope that is allowed at the very least.
  5. [Solved] Is altering original js files allowed?

    Hello guys, I don't know if this is the accurate subboard to ask this question, because it's part JS part MV specific. I would like to now whether it is allowed to alter the default js files (rpg_managers, rpg_objects, etc.) or not? I would like to rewrite some of the database loading...
  6. Terrax Lighting system

    Yeah I found the solution a few post after this, but thanks for noting anyway!
  7. Terrax Lighting system

    Sadly it doesn't work for me. I tried this plugin on a new map with binded images and without binded images but none of them works. I can only manage to use this plugin if I completely turn off BindPicturesToMap plugin from the Plugin Manager  :(   EDIT: I inserted this line ...
  8. Terrax Lighting system

    Hello Terrax, I don't know if anyone else encountered this problem, but if I use your plugin simultaneously with the BindPicturesToMap plugin ( it cancels the lightning plugin out completely.  Do you have any tips how can...
  9. Dynamic Language Change

    That's true, this plugin just replaces the system texts, for show texts I use conditional branches. But what I understand of Iavra's plugin, that is what you need for show text localization.  I just wanted to make an easy way to replace system text without any experience in Javascript programming. 
  10. Dynamic Language Change

    Hm, that's odd, I tested it in Chrome/FF and works for me. What browser/os do you use? I wanted to completely eliminate the need for an external text editor and possible typing errors, and only use the Maker's built-in plugin manager to give my plugins parameters. Hence the different versions of...
  11. Dynamic Language Change

    Hello everyone, I made a plugin for MV where you can change every system text (menu names, item names, hero descriptions, skill names, battle texts, etc. NOT show messages) in your game in runtime so making multilingual games is not impossible now. This is my first plugin ever so there can be...
  12. TDDP_BindPictureToMap disappearing image/dropping framerate bugs

    Okay, since the newest version (1.0.7) the extreme laggyness is gone, however the missing images are still persists. I can do a workaround where I change the tint picture mechanic into various icons to differentiate certain images. 
  13. TDDP_BindPictureToMap disappearing image/dropping framerate bugs

    I know, but as I said if i install the newest version of the plugin my whole Card Game becomes unplayable..
  14. TDDP_BindPictureToMap disappearing image/dropping framerate bugs

    Okay, I succesfully figured out that indeed the picture tinting causes some problems. If I remove the tinting at those two pictures everything works fine (with v1.0.2).  No progress with the unplayable laggyness though.
  15. Detect 'continue' from saved game in javascript?

    I think Terrax wants an event trigger every time a user loads a save file not when starts a new game. If you make a custom js and paste this block of code: (it's in rpg_managers.js line 375) DataManager.loadGameWithoutRescue = function(savefileId) {    var globalInfo = this.loadGlobalInfo(); ...

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