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    TL;DR Pinori is moving to GameMaker therefore I will not be active on these forums as much anymore.
    character limits suck ass fr, Discord screenshot moment
    I hope you do not run into the same Problems.
    Sure why not use the Tool you most see fit for the things you want to create.
    school starts again in 2 weeks, ugh. it's okay I guess, I only have to experience this 3 more times until I graduate high school and I'm ****ing done.
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    I found that, wherever I go and whatever I do, there is pretty much always going to be nonsense that I've gotta put up with, and stuff I've gotta do that I'd rather not. There is probably a minority of people who that doesn't apply to, but I think it likely holds true for the vast majority of us. Comparitively, having "wasted so much time" in high school really wasn't any worse.
    Realistically, my time wasn't as valuable as I liked to think it was back then, and I probably would have just found some other way to waste it. And there were positives that I refused to acknowledge at the time. Having your youth, being surrounded by an ocean of potential friends, having your whole life to look forward to... those are all things that you can't get back once they're gone.
    I think it's best to just embrace that kind of stuff while you have it, and try to make the most of it. It's not too late to do whatever it is that you think you'd rather be doing afterward. Trying to rush to get through with one form of nonsense really just lands you in another form of nonsense, so why not just take it slow and try to find the enjoyable bits and make the most of them?
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I drew one of my chars! The man with 100 kids and a lot of love to give :kaopride:
Me: *about to stalk someone's posts*
Forum: "This member limits who may view their full profile."
Me: *bummer*
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Starting a fly by the night dev studio. Anyone want in? Excellent working conditions with onsite lodging. LOL
I finally got all the walk animations done! I mean, I gotta reskin it for the actual characters since this is a character from another project, but still! Doesn't look like a mess now! ;v;

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