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    Problem with terms of use

    I was not talking about general terms. The terms on her site were for the individual pages of the products. But my mistake was probably due to the fact that at the end of the day, I bought them on steam, and since steam references the packs with a tag "rpg maker", there must be a change in the...
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    Problem with terms of use

    That may be the problem. I think I bought them from steam, not from her site (at least not all the packs). I bought the jungle pack directly from her site, and this one doesn't mention rpg maker. So yeah, that's probably it, thanks for your answer slimmeiske (and for translating all those sites too)
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    Problem with terms of use

    Hello everyone. I have problems with Celianna's products terms of use. On her site, many packs say that they are "usable on any game engine". (Ancient dungeon pack for example). However, when I do buy them and look at the readme file inside the folder, it says that the pack can only be used to...
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Hello everyone ! The terms of use for the icons do not mention anything about engine. Are those icons usable in non-RM engines ?
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    SRPG Engine - [Add Votes for RTP] Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Hello everyone and thanks for these great plugins. I'd like to use dragonbones animations but I get an error message when I add the plugin (uncaught error message, dragonbones is not defined). Is it possible to use dragonbones on this project and if yes, how should I do it ?
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    McTricky's Music Mine!

    I love your music, and I need more !
  7. Saneterre

    A rotating gold coin

    That's perfect ! Thanks a lot, really. And you made me discover opengameart, I didn't know about it
  8. Saneterre

    A rotating gold coin

    That's the principle but the last animation is off. Did it work on your end ? Thanks a lot for your time !
  9. Saneterre

    A rotating gold coin

    Hello everyone, I'm making a game where you need to collect some gold coins or stars. I'd like to make it rotate, to have a better visual effect when you see them in the dungeons. The default gold coin from vx ace would be great : I will use it in MV (this one is actually remade for MV by...
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    How to position your actors during battles

    Hello everyone, this one will sound easy for some of you I guess, but I'd like to know how to position actors during battles. I'd like to have one in the front and one in the back for example, or to have more space between characters if I only want to use a party of two. How do I do all that ...
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    I need a character sprite from VX ace to MV

    Oh that's so great of you ! I love it. You even gave me multiple kinds of wings. Do I credit you as "windyhouser" or do you prefer something else ?
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    I need a character sprite from VX ace to MV

    Hello everyone, I use a character sprite in my vx ace game, and I want that character to appear in the MV sequel. However, just enlarging the file gives horrible results, so I'm looking for someone who could create this character sprite in an MV size. (I tried with the generator, but the black...
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    Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    Maybe you'll be interested to know that I asked the support of for a refund and it was granted. I liked the plugin in theory, but in practice it was just impossible to do anything with it. I may buy it again if it is fixed in the future, but this time I'll ask around first.
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    Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    I have a gamer PC and I was very excited by this plugin so I bought it and ran the demo provided. The lag is just horrible. Not unplayable, but I just can't see any player accepting this kind of lag. How is it possible to ask for 50 bucks for something that is so laggy ? (and again, my PC is far...
  15. Saneterre

    Simple Sprite Request

    I love your arrows character. What's your term of use, Mystic enigma ?

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