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  • Hey, it's KittyMarie from :) I know I had seen you on CM with an RPGMaker avatar at times but I just found you here :) Nice entry for the love mapping contest
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    My goal is to create a very short game, that way I can get at least one done, and move on to the next, slightly bigger game, and so forth. It's a hobby at its core so no really big projects are planned, but I do have an idea for a series of smallish games, where each game is pretty much stand alone.
    It sounds like you have a much more sensible approach to the whole thing ^_^ Do you have any project threads or anything where I can read up about what you have planned?
    No sorry I don't. Mostly because I so frequently put my games down for long periods of time. Even the blog I planned is empty right now. I'll let you know if I get anything set up
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How has this place been dead quiet since after I posted about Deltarune? That's the only post that people are reacting to now... will you please read my other statuses?
Another comic with Backstage Malak...
If you want to ask him anything, you can ask on my DeviantArt page! I'm not sure if you're allowed to do it here.
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