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    My images aren't working on RPG Maker MV!!!!

    For any assets in the "characters" folder that is larger than the default 48x48 size needs a specific naming scheme. You'll need to place a "$" before the name so that the engine detects that you're using a larger file size. And for this, you'll also want to make your base sprite image bigger...
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    Making dialogue stop short

    Welcome to using RPG Maker! You can accomplish this through using text commands. Here's how you could write that scenario that you described: This line is normal and doesn't wait for input. This line waits for input. \! This line is short and automatically progresses. \^ These are the text...
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    RMMZ VisuStellaMZ MainMenuCore: Moving Windows on the Main Menu

    Hey @masterlobo, I did figure out a few workarounds but didn't find solutions to all of these things. Right now this is what my menu looks like: So I wasn't able to actually figure out how to accomplish much of this using VisuStella, so I mostly scrapped trying to make additional text boxes...
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    RMMZ Spirits of Combination Village (IGMC 2022)

    ⭐ Download & Play the Game Here! ⭐ ⭐⭐ Like what you see? Give it a Rating Here! ⭐ ⭐ In this story adventure game, play as 25-year-old Heidi as she navigates adulthood. Help her foster relationships with those who are important to her while balancing work on top of that. Combination Village...
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    Ink Integration

    It looks like it's working now! Thank you so much for fixing that so quickly, I really appreciate it!! :D I'll be sure to let you know if I notice anything weird, but with a quick test, it seems good to me!
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    Ink Integration

    Hi, it's me again! I'm having some trouble displaying choices at the same time as a message when I create the choices in Ink. I think this is happening because I have a common event set up to activate at the start of all dialogue boxes playing that checks for a few variables and sets up my...
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    Galv's Visual Novel Choices MZ

    Hey Galv, thank you for making this plugin! This plugin's one of my favorites and one that I use in pretty much every project that I create. It offers some really great customization. When using this with VisuStella MZ's Message Core plugin, I found a conflicting bug where some of the choices...
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Plugin Conflicts: VisuStella and Galv

    Oh wow you're right, that did the trick! Thank you so much for figuring this out and explaining what was going on here! :D
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Plugin Conflicts: VisuStella and Galv

    Ooh that's interesting, thank you for looking into this! So it definitely sounds like it is somehow messing with the width based on your results. Which lines up with what Eliaquim mentioned too about the text codes potentially counting as extra spaces in there. So in my example, all of the...
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Plugin Conflicts: VisuStella and Galv

    Thank you both for the suggestions! Unfortunately I've tried both removing the text color code and moving it after the choice condition, and it happened in both instances. I do think what you mentioned about the text codes being calculated in is probably what's happening though, so I'll see if...
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Plugin Conflicts: VisuStella and Galv

    I've been using the Galv Visual Novel Choices plugin and the VisuStellaMZ Message Core plugins together for awhile, but this is the first time I've run into an issue with them conflicting. Sometimes my text will indent text randomly like you see in the highlighted choice below: It seems like...
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    Eli Pictures - Enhance the default picture event command to do more simple or complex commands.

    Thanks for the quick response! I went in and updated the plugin with this new one, but unfortunately the images still aren't scaling. I made a new plugin command like you suggested and tried it as well, but it still doesn't seem to be working on my end. I can DM you a smaller version of my...
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    Eli Pictures - Enhance the default picture event command to do more simple or complex commands.

    Hey! Sorry to post again so soon and in a different place, but after updating to version 5.0, I'm having some issues with the scaling pictures from this plugin now. I'm wondering if this also has to do with referencing variables in the values like you found in the Choice Pictures plugin? Here's...
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    Eli Choice Pictures - Show different pictures for each choice!

    This did fix it, thanks so much for updating that so quickly! :)
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    Eli Choice Pictures - Show different pictures for each choice!

    Hey! I've been using this plugin for awhile and it's worked really well for the my custom battle system. When I was making some updates to my events today though I ran into this console error: It doesn't have any impact on the game as it still runs and shows the images that are in the error...

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