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    Can't try out trial of MZ

    My friend was having this same error from this site and she tried multiple email addresses and multiple computers on Chrome. What finally did it was what you did with trying a different browser. We got it to work on Firefox. For future reference of anyone viewing this post and potentially...
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    [SOLVED] RMMZ Free Trial Error

    EDIT: I realized this is a duplicate of another post here after doing some digging. Mods, you can go ahead and remove my post. Hello, my friend is trying to download the free trial of RPG Maker MZ from here and it doesn't seem to be working. She's tried multiple email addresses and multiple...
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    RMMZ Potential Memory Leak with NWJS

    I'll be sure to let you know if it happens to me again, thank you for the info on what to send! :) I was creating my own menu system that uses arrays (some of the code in my first post). This is basically just a few events on a map that the player is teleported to (the teleporting happens...
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    RMMZ Potential Memory Leak with NWJS

    I'm also using the Steam version, with my project on version 1.3.2 (most recent). But that's a good idea to try the standalone version to see if that still happens, thanks! Glad to know it's not just me though! Hopefully they make a patch to fix it.
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    A New Member Appears!

    Welcome back to the RPG Maker community! I would personally recommend not limiting yourself to older engines if you're starting in a new engine anyways, since those don't receive regular updates and aren't as compatible with newer resolutions and other enhancements. MV and MZ definitely have a...
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    RMMZ Potential Memory Leak with NWJS

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I noticed that when I'm regularly working in the editor, my CPU is around 2-4%, and when I playtest for the first time, it only goes up to about 8-10%. So it seems like it just builds up after closing and reopening playtests a bunch (which is how it got up...
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    RMMZ Potential Memory Leak with NWJS

    I noticed after testing my RMMZ game a bunch of times in a row that my CPU was at 100%, and that lots of instances of nwjs were open and taking up the majority of my memory. I had just been working in some Scripts that use arrays, so I was thinking that might have to do with it, so I figured I'd...
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    Map planning tools you use

    I rarely use tilesets for my maps, and mostly only make my own parallax backgrounds, so the majority of my map planning and creation happens outside of RPG Maker. I usually start with a rough sketch of the layout, sometimes even laying out events and other areas that the player can interact...
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    How to set a variable based on another variable

    There are at least two ways that you can do this! Eventing: In a Control Variables event, set the variable X equal to Y. Then you can add another Control Variables event command that adds + 1 to the Y variable. Coding: In the Control Variables event command, set the Single variable to X. Then...
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin: Multiple Self Switches?

    Oh yeah, good point, thanks! I threw those in there while I was testing and forgot to remove them. I don't use the Exit Event Processing commands much myself, but how you explained it, it makes much more sense. :)
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin: Multiple Self Switches?

    Yeah, I ended up making that Self Switch D just control the ballon. Okay, thank you! Splitting them into their own pages helped a bit, and then when I added a Wait event to the top of the page where the enemy detects the player (before the exclamation), it seems to work! Here are the...
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    Finishing up Tutorial in game-where would everyone recommend I start next?

    RPG Maker is a ton of fun, and there's a lot you can do with it! I'd recommend starting with some short test projects to start exploring some of the tools, and once you're more familiar with how things work, moving on to a longer game that's more planned out and a longer endeavor can happen...
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin: Multiple Self Switches?

    Thanks so much for your help! I mostly got it working by combining some of the code together that you made here. Currently, the only weirdness I've seen is that sometimes the exclamation balloon pops up multiple times on top of itself when the player is running from the enemy on the map, so I...
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    RMMZ [SOLVED] Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin: Multiple Self Switches?

    Hi, I'm using Triacontane's AutoSelfSwitch Plugin, and I'm looking for a way to either control multiple self switches, or to call a common event before the self switch is called. Basically, I'm trying to create an enemy that will chase the player after they've reached a certain distance from...
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    RMMZ Free plugin to create a windows on screen?

    Make sure that you also have the "PluginCommonBase" plugin in your project (and that it's placed above this one in the Plugin List)! I believe this plugin needs that one in order to work properly.

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