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  • Finally got my ExEngine demo up and running. :D
    Joy Diamond
    Joy Diamond
    It would be great to get the ExEngine up again & share with the community :)
    True, though the cost of the server was hurting my wallet to much. (Along with other unexpected real life costs I unfortunately had to cut it). :( Thanks very much for your interest in it though. :)
    Joy Diamond
    Joy Diamond
    Hmm I got a fully functioning VPS Ubuntu server up today for $5/Month -- would be happy to share it for the ExEngine project.
    Ugh, today is going to be terrible for internet. Every time I am about to do anything I lose connection for like 5 minutes.
    My cloud save system is almost completely working!! :D Just a bit more work to do with the scenes.
    My day has been all about watching a slash on my server, endlessly rotating indicating it is downloading. Wish there was a progress bar....
    Ah, rotating as in spinning? I understand that feeling!
    It just spins and spins and spins and spins and spins...
    Ooof, I'm all dizzy now...
    Finally got a message about the server having bad network connectivity... Not what I wanted but right now I'll take it. :p Thankfully though it looks like it did download at least some of the files.
    Sigh want to see something real fast in RPG maker... Steam decides it is time to update instead. :(
    Success!! I figured out how to use SSL for the plugin I am working on! Thinks of all the possibilities. :D
    I had SSL hosting once. It got too expensive. Now I'm on GoDaddy economy hosting. It does my Wordpress ok, but I can't login SSL with terminal to install GITs anymore.
    Yea SSL can become quite expensive depending on who is doing the signing of the certificates. Currently just self-signing mine but the concept should work with other signing authorities.
    Started programming again, looked at one of my wip plugins and managed to shave off ~350 lines from 800+. :)
    Been snowing here all of yesterday, all the night and now working on all of today. :p
    Had a family emergency this Christmas I do not think I will be able to do programming work for awhile. If anyone has questions with any of my scripts or plugins I will do my best to answer them, but at this point might not be able to provide help. Hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas.
    So on the 31st tried some homemade unsweetened chocolate cups with almonds. My assessment is they have a much better flavor of chocolate then most store bought chocolates.
    Finally figured out prototypes and learned a better way to make variables private. All I need to do now is rewrite about one-two thousand lines of code and learn how to make a cup of coffee on JavaScript and I'm set. :)

    Think I'll do the rewriting after I finish the massive project I'm working on though.
    Trying my hand at growing some cayenne peppers (along with a few other pepper types) this year.
    Decided to change my profile picture to a teaser of something I am working on. (no it really doesn't have anything to do with graphics).
    Started sweating bullets today when I tried openning my game project and got "Steam aplication error". All I had to do was start steam and I got in but this is a reminder to me to backup my stuff more often. XP
    Ikr and I can't remember when my last backup was too lol.
    Yeah, I should probably do more backups as well.
    Ahhh, you just reminded me to make backups. I lost a LOT of work when my hard drive died this summer. I had 1 large game and 3 smaller ones being built, and all nearly done before my drive took a dump.
    In preperation for MV using my newly aquired JS skills I have begun to program an achievement script. (can't wait for MV to come out so I can finish it). :)
    My internet at home went down yesterday (ISP side).... Still trying to get it back up and running. On the weirder side found a tree frog in my house this morning no idea how he got in :p
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The tutorial is live now.
Whew... I've been on a tear recently. Been working nonstop. Feels really good to be back in the groove! I think it's because I can finally see the end approaching. I only have 8 more side quests to develop (then NPCs, some art, then pretty much done).
how the hell do i change my username???
So imagine this but autotile. Stained glass ocean.
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