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    I need help with a certain effect in MOG's Chrono Engine ABS mode.

    @Restart Oh thank you, for your comment! Now it works! I'm so happy! Again thank you, now I know that I can use animations for effects.
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    I need help with a certain effect in MOG's Chrono Engine ABS mode.

    Ah okay thanks! I didn't know that the animation tab could also provide a flash screen, but how do I add it so that when the player is hit, the animation will play? Do I have to put it in the script of the chrono engine or in common events?
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    I need help with a certain effect in MOG's Chrono Engine ABS mode.

    Hi guys, I wanted to have a quick question. I wanted to have a player feedback by having the screen flash or shake when the player and/ or the enemy are hit, the disable knock-back function does so little, and I want to let the players know that if they hit the enemy or that they have been hit...
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    Galv Map projectiles question?

    Hi people, I want to ask a question about the plugin of Galv Map Projectiles, I still cannot get my head around it. I want to make a boss fight sequence with RPG Maker MV, but I can't really get the plugin to work with me. It is for my sonic fan game. I don't want to use the standard battle...
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    Snowboarding mechanic in RPG MAKER MV.

    That is actually a nice idea, thanks, I think I will see what I can get with eventing and fast parallax scrolling and move on from there. (changing the switches and what not.) thank you for the replies, my question has been answered. thank you.
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    Snowboarding mechanic in RPG MAKER MV.

    Dear people of the forum, I had a question about a certain mechanic that I wanted to use in my game. It's about snowboarding because I had an idea that a character is going to snowboard down in a parallax side view scroller or top-down. The only problem I have is: How can I make the character...

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