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    RM2k/3 Engalia: The Wager

    This video was pointed out to me recently. I'm surprised that the video is only a couple of months old because this isn't exactly a new game. It kinda makes me wonder how this YouTuber managed to stumble across it in the first place. Whatever the case, it's always nice to see people playing the...
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    RM2k/3 Engalia: Before The Wager

    I've been working on the battle-result screen for this game. I normally wouldn't mind using the default battle-result messages, but I wanted to add a mechanic to this game that limits the amount of experience you can gain from a given area, and this is only possible with a set of custom menus...
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    September Goals & Progress Thread

    Well, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to last month, but I did manage to get all my custom event systems finished so that's something. I wanted to get the first third of the actual gameplay (maps, battles, NPCs etc.) done last month on top of the custom events, but I think I'll just...
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    August Goals & Progress Thread

    @AceOfAces_Mod The cloud reflections look pretty cool. If you're going to show that there are clouds in the sky, have you considered having a cloud shadow passing over the map? Sometimes those can look tacky though, so you'd have to be careful...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Sugar ZooZoo I think that the kitchen is too big, it has too much empty space. Perhaps push the counter back a little because people would need more room to queue for food anyway? If not that, try to find something else to put in the middle of the kitchen, like a prep-table or something. ...
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    August Goals & Progress Thread

    @bgillisp - I'm far too old for school, so stuff like that doesn't really affect the amount of time I have to work on my game. I just underestimated how long the custom menus would take me to make :P
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    August Goals & Progress Thread

    @Chiara I have to use one image for the background, one for the cursor, and then each menu item needs a separate image (allowing them to be turned on/off individually). This does mean a lot of images are being displayed at once, but it's not very difficult to keep track of if you're paying...
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    RPG Maker MV Tint Screen Except Parallax Background

    In your specific example, you could use a picture instead of a parallax. 
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    Favorite boss battles

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    rm2k/3 Font Changer can't find RTP

    The reason that program can't find the RTP is probably because the RTP for the official version of RM2K3 is different to the RTP for the unofficially translated versions.
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    How can I create an RPG game that's not Undertale?

    I don't think your problem is an actual problem. Anyone who would assume that a generic RPG is inspired solely by Undertale is being silly, because they're ignoring the rich heritage that RPG games have had since the 80s. 
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Feldschlacht IV I mostly find it weird because it's a blacksmith. The ability to produce weapons during wartime is a big deal. I suppose I mostly find it weird that forces from opposing sides of a war (civil or otherwise) would be interacting with the same blacksmith. I'd expect them to have...
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    August Goals & Progress Thread

    @Marquise* That looks really cool. It'll be awesome when you've got the others done.  --- As for me, I've been working on this quest diary system. The basics of the system are working, I just need to make the images that will come up once you select a given quest, which means I need to...
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    Self Insert Characters: Good or Bad?

    I don't think there is anything wrong with it if it is done properly. I've never tried it myself, although people have asked me if I did this in my game Sore Losers because the main character has the same name as me (and a lot of the secondary characters are named after some of my closest...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Feldschlacht IV I find it kinda weird that the same blacksmith would have experience with both sides of the conflict, but I guess that's something that could be explained somewhere else in your game..?

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