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  1. Event triggers Event

    Um, I would like to know that do we have to define the NPC before it reacts with other NPC/objects? Since the Sample game have defined the NPC with script name, but the top post didn't said anything about it.
  2. Will we able to use older RTP assets on MV without breaking the copyright?

    I some how found that the older VX/VXA era of BGM and SE's file sounds better then MV's vanillia, could we pull some of the file out or redirect MV to use these files without breaking the copyright laws? Sinces that they are all Enterbrain/Kadokawa create and free to download stuff?
  3. Soryn's Space Stuff

    Oh, I love how the ship design. Could you please create some space interior tiles? The lack of the type is so huge that starve so many sci-fi game maker to death...

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Oh god, just watched HawkZombie's stream of my game and realised that *none* of the branching scenes work properly. One has no character graphic, one soft locks due to a passability issue, and one doesn't have its autorun set to the right trigger. I've got first prize in the bag, baby.
Frustrated, as always. I took a break from working on games and when I turned back to working on them again, bam! Slapped in the face with more errors. Such is the pain of working on any project, I suppose.
Checking out the Judge's Round Table. Really cool getting their perspective in a Q/A environment like this.
I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! Dad said he's going to take me to my favorite arcade and maybe Aquatica.
animated message windows <3
or message window that uses background images that can be animated?
Still need to fix some things, but it's going great so far :)

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