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    Player move as per dice number and able to turn left/right/up/down as per the path

    When Aloe mentioned nesting branches, he meant something like this: You're trying to do the if statement as a script, which works, but only if what you intend to do within the if block is also a script. ( You could use if to test using a script instead. The option is on page 4 of...
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    [SOLVED] Help Please with a function I'm Writing

    I'm assuming that the variables c_dgr, c_sgr, c_int, and c_vit are defined somewhere else in Game_Actor. Those aren't standard variables that are part of the Game_Actor object as far as I can tell, but I don't see them anywhere else in your code sample. That said, I believe your problem is...
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    [SOLVED] Help Please with a function I'm Writing

    Are you getting any errors in your console? If you haven't tried that yet, open the console by pressing F8 while your game is running. If JavaScript throws any errors, they will show up there.
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    Player move as per dice number and able to turn left/right/up/down as per the path

    You probably want to put the Break Loop command after you change the switch. When you break out of a loop, that's the first thing the event will do. It will go straight to whatever command is after Repeat Above. So in your event, it's skipping over the Control Switch command and it never gets...
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    Why do RM buildings/structures have no inside doors?

    Most doors are made with sprites. Sprites, at least when they are for characters, have a step animation when they walk and face in one of four directions (typically). The turn/wait animates the door to open or close. Instead of a character that faces up or left, the sprite sheet uses the...
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    Need plugin for Critical Hits to ignore defense

    I tried the formula in a brand new game, and it seemed to work for me. To test it, I edited the Minotaur enemy and gave him 300 DEF. Then I made a copy of Harold (his twin brother Horald) and gave him a new trait: Ex-Paramter Critical Rate +1000%. With that, he is pretty much guaranteed to...
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    Gender-based text depending on the choice at the beginning.

    And in case you completely missed it at first like me, you can set a variable to text by using the Script option at the bottom of the Control Variables command. Then put your text there in quotes, like so: 'she' or "him" I spent all my time before that use pure scripting to assign variables...
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    How to make Rpg Maker MV have manual updates(Steam version)?

    @rpgmakerxp go to the Betas tab on the application properties in Steam and under "Select the beta you would like to use" pick the version you want to have, such as 1.5.1. Your RPG Maker MV will then stay at that version.
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    Choosing between Tileset/Parallax/Doodad

    @LackeDragon there is a bit of lag when I close the menu in my game between the time I press Escape and when the menu actually closes. I didn't think it was the Doodad plugin, but that could be the culprit.
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    Choosing between Tileset/Parallax/Doodad

    I've been using Yanfly's Doodads plugin. I like that it gives more flexibility than the standard tilesets, but doesn't require as much work as making parallax maps. I also like that I can easily drop in a new custom doodad instead of creating a new tile sheet. I'd like to do parallax maps...
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    "Enemies Killed" counter won't work

    @Voltss, if you're not sure what value your variables are being set to, you can press the F9 key while testing your game. This will bring up a menu with a list of all your switches and variables, and from there you can see what they are currently set to. Edit: beaten by @Aloe Guvner! :)
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    Suggestions for implementing secret doors

    If the door is secret and needs to be hidden, you could just leave the event graphic empty. You won't need any special graphics for that. Then, when the secret door is no longer secret, use another event page that shows a regular door. Or are you looking for a graphic for the secret door...
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    New: Need Help With Relationship System

    It can get pretty complicated, but it gets easier the more you use it. I don't know what specifically you are having trouble with, but people here like helping. If you're having trouble figuring out the different commands are within a script, you may want to take a look at the Google Sheets...
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    Modified Soldier Battlers

    Done! I updated the original post with the new battler. Let me know if that's what you were thinking of.
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    Modified Soldier Battlers

    That's fine by me. I've got a lot of it separated in to layers on PhotoShop, so it would be fairly quick for me to do if you'd like.

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