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    Resizing face sets.

    Hello fellow game makers and developers. How would I go about resizing a face set from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV? I have GIMP but what do I specifically do? Please break it down step by step. Your help will be very appreciate guys.  :)  (Check this video out to see what I mean) 
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    VX Ace to MV

    Hello fellow RPG makers and developers, I just want to know how to use VX Ace characters, sprites, face sets, busts, sv battlers in RPG Maker MV? I've noticed did Yanfly this in this video but I don't know how he/she did it.  Do I really have to resize them or could I use a plugin...
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    World Map skills

    Is their anybody with any good world map making skills? Can anyone show me their world maps? My map making skills are good but my world map skills are "meh". Here's what my world map looks like using RPG Maker MV (it's incomplete but I'm just not feeling it):  I just might use a sample world...
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    Level Cap 1000

    @Andar That has to be the most well said reply I received so far. In fact, all of these replies are good. These are good points and I couldn't have said it better myself. One of the really good points was: having a very high level cap can be bad sometimes unless their is new content like DLC for...
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    Level Cap 1000

    Just out of curiosity but has anyone made a game using any RPG Maker with a level cap that exceeds past level 99? :distrust:  Maybe the max level is 999 or 1000 (which is insane) I hope I am not the only one that exceeds the level cap past 99. Here's an example (the normal level cap I set is...
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    Enemy Transform

    I want to know how to get a enemy or boss to transform at 0% HP. The only thing I can do is get the enemy to transform when a certain amount of turns have passed.  ;_; Is it possible to have the enemy or boss transform to a stronger form when their HP has reached 0%? Here's a picture of what...
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    VX Ace battlers in MV.

    Am I the only one who uses RPG Maker VX Ace battlers in RPG Maker MV? I'm really not a fan of MV's cartoonish style battlers. >_> For example: the dragon battler in VX Ace looks more badass than the one in MV.  I use some of the MV battlers but not all. But seriously though, I can't be the only...
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    Type Error: Undefined is not a function

    Ah nevermind man. I don't know what exactly I did but I was able to solve the problem myself. Sorry about that and thank you very much for the help :)
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    Type Error: Undefined is not a function

    So I downloaded Yanfly's save core plugin and put it in my plugin manager. After that I've copied all .js files from a new project and put it into my old project. I clicked save and I am still receiving a error saying Type Error: Undefined is not a function on a black screen. I don't see what's...
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    How to get character to move to enemy?

    Thank you so much.
  11. ScarletHarbringer

    How to get character to move to enemy?

    Does anyone know how to get the actors to move to the enemies and attack them? Whenever I have a actor attack a enemy, they attack but stay in place instead of moving to the enemy. I have the Yanfly BattleEngineCore installed but is their something I'm missing? Pls help and be polite as...

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