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  1. Showing actors level in battle?

    Is there an easy way (plugin or similar) to show the actors level in battle here? Thanks
  2. Damage numbers appearing behind animations

    Hi, I'm using yanflys action sequence and have an animation playing. But the animation is quite long and deals damage multiple times. The issue I have is that the Damage Numbers are appearing BEHIND the animation so you can't see the numbers. Anyone know what I could do? Look at the picture in...
  3. Multiple Sprite Sheets for attacks?

    So I'm trying to set up a sprite sheet, but one of the sprites I'm testing with is to big for my grid. I did double the size of the image to get more space for the sprite, but that takes way too much performance and it wont run. Doubling the size also doubles the size of the ones who actually...
  4. [TRICKY] Need help with Pokèmon evolution system

    Okay, I'm sorry.
  5. Plugin - Actor, Class NoteTags problem

    Okay sorry, tried to change it the best I can! Thanks
  6. Turning pokemon types into classes

    Yeah, I guess most types are more visual representating. Like butterfree could be a grass type, but its a bug, which also make the game more ''realistic'' I guess..
  7. Turning pokemon types into classes

    Normal - No weaknesses except fighting Fire - Strong against alot, chance of burn (and usually coolest designs, heh) Water - Tanky, alot of moves Electric - Fast, paralyze, only weak to ground Grass - Healing, but got a lot of weaknesses Ice - Freeze, but REALLY weak and slow Fighting - Alot of...
  8. [TRICKY] Need help with Pokèmon evolution system

    Okay, I'm going to try, the best as I can to explain this one. I want to make certain pokemon (actors) evolve, change their appearance, and classes. I have an actor and class for each Pokemon. I have 2 methods for this, but none of them work due to the things I'm about to explain. (lets use...
  9. Plugin - Actor, Class NoteTags problem

    Hey guys! I'm making a Pokèmon fan-game, and I'm using one of ''SumRndDde''s plugins. (PKM TypeSystem) I am having a minor issue, without going into huge details; You just write in the note-tags of an actor, item or state and it becomes the mentioned type. But it doesnt work for classes (for...
  10. Problem with Skill-transfer.

  11. Problem with Skill-transfer.

    No problem, thank you anyways!
  12. Problem with Skill-transfer.

    Normally that would work, but as this is a Pokemon game I have an plugin which makes sure the Pokemon only can have 4 skills. And as Pokemon learn alot of skills the combinations would be endless..
  13. Problem with Skill-transfer.

    Yeah that was my originial plan, but each class has different stats and types, it would take more work to do that..

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