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  1. *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    Too bad :( thx for the info tho... :D edit: After i convert the mp3 the m4a and tried it on my phone still got an error with the same thing :( someone help :(
  2. *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    hello, i've been using XDK since i seen your tutorial. But i got some problem, every time i try to play it on my phone i always get error coz i need m4a type of sound instead mp3 do i really need to convert the music to m4a?because before this project i got it run on my phone with mp3. Please...
  3. Can't save with pararel event at map

    its nothing inside the custom move route, i just accidentally change it to custom. and after you mention it i try to change it to fixed instead, and i still cant save like i said before i even make the new project where all the setting is default , and i still cant save when the npc is on the...
  4. Can't save with pararel event at map

    I did try to make extra tab to the npc, and when the event change to that new tab, i can save (in game) . i try to make the event on new project that still have no plugin and try it in several still the same..cant save when the parallel npc on site the path is My computer > Drive...
  5. Can't save with pararel event at map

    I created my project at another drive.. Yeah that's why it got me confuse that i cant event save (in game) when the npc is on the map
  6. Can't save with pararel event at map

    some screenshot  from my event . the game wont save when i playing it, like on the test game. it keeps giving me some buzzer sound when i saving.
  7. Can't save with pararel event at map

    Hai, i've been trying to make some project with rpg maker MV and i already use RPG maker before the MV came out. At certain map i making some NPC with pararel event so the npc can automaticaly show some balloons icon it work so well before at other rpg maker.But, when i tried it at MV it...

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