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  1. Clarification about usage of mkxp

    Hi, thank you for your answer(s). Can "Yes" be taken as an answer to both Questions? If so, thank you for the clarification :smile:. That is good to hear.
  2. Clarification about usage of mkxp

    Hi, I would like to ask about the usage of the alternative and open source implementation of RGSS called "mkxp". Link to Github - > Quote from the starting page: From my unterstanding, there seems no problem regarding the usage at first glance. I have RPG...
  3. RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    I am fully with you, Kich. Nice to see layers coming back, one big feature missing in all this time. But, sad to say, it's still not enough. Another big one, like the layers, is the priority system from XP. True selling point for me because it allows you, to a degree, freedom regarding...

    Inspiried by Celiannas Post, i just scaled up some Screenshots of one of my older Projects with the Helpf of waifu. Never heard of it before. I'm pretty impressed and really like the Result and the new "Style". With Waifu, i have no concerns anymore regarding using my old Ressources :) ...

    Thats why i asked in the first Place. I mean, having the possibility to use 32px/16px ingame and not the need to resize your Ressources is fine. But how will the Mapping in the Editor look like with Ressources, originally designed for 32px Grid? I can't imagine to work quite well with a 48px...

    Can someone from the Staff answer following Question please!? So, from what we have this far, it will be possible to adjust the Grid Size through Plugins/Scripting. Thats superb... so Ressources we have now which are designed for 16px and 32px can still be used... at least ingame(!). How about...

    Thats absolutely true! Here is an example from one of my old Projects i worked on. I just took a Screenshot and scaled it up with 1.5x using GIMP. Like you said, it would even look better with every element seperated and so on. But to be honest, i'm totaly fine with this result and would use it...
  8. Realistic Z / Height Levels

    Hello Folks, Our beloved Maker (i'm talking about XP) has three Layers for building shiny Worlds, beside the Event and Fog/Panorama Layer. Though 2D, you can create the illusion that there is acutally some Height on the Map, i.e. Hills with different Levels, Mountains and so on. With the Help...
  9. 4 Lines in Show Message Window - Bug in english XP Version!

    Bump! So... what now? Is there any possibility, Degica/EB will look about that? greetz
  10. 4 Lines in Show Message Window - Bug in english XP Version!

    That's no work around! Try to edit a Batch Text Entry.... here we go again with just 3 lines! So, like said, that is no work around. Furthermore, this Batch Text Entry is another Thing i don't understand how Enterbrain/Protexis developed it. If you take full use of it, last Text segment can only...
  11. 4 Lines in Show Message Window - Bug in english XP Version!

    OOookay... it is hard to imagine, Folks @ Enterbrain have no clue about the 3 Line Problem, really hard! I can't remember for 100%, but i know for sure that very much people talked about this and it wasn't nice. Yeah, that Degica was not the handler at that time i understand :) . But to be...
  12. 4 Lines in Show Message Window - Bug in english XP Version!

    Hey, This is for Degica and Enterbrain. The english RPG Maker XP Version is almost seven Years out. Still, all the Time there is one (or actually two) thing that is so totally anoying! I'm speaking about the "only 3 Message Lines" in the Show Message window. Just... why? Why is this problem...
  13. Is there a new maker in development?

    I greatly hope EB didn't forget the big RPG Maker XP fan- and userbase! Seriously, it makes me sad seeing a new Maker Software coming out, Version for Version, but nothing comparable to the imo mighty XP! Ofcourse, there is RGSS 2/3, there are new Scripting Features and there is better...

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