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    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    Aha, yes! After all this time! "It is time", indeed! I really enjoyed this. Part of me worries that I make a lot of my judgements without a full picture of the game, which I apologize for. But allow me to repeat myself for good measure: With all the juice and hard work you put in, you...
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    Getting hit by an element put enemy in state

    Hmmm.... Instead of self.add_state(33); use target.addState(33); I think that's all you need.
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    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    Oh my gosh. Congratulations, @Yoraee! That's so exciting and cool. I must also say, that the Unite Skill is as exciting and fun as I could have imagined. Good luck at the convention. Please share how it goes when the time comes!
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    How do you like my Thief's "Steal" Command?

    I have thought about this! The trouble is implementing it in exactly the right way; I have not yet found a plugin or design that I like perfectly, so I have been putting it off. I already did this! Approximately a week ago! You have read my mind, @Wavelength ! I will add it to the introduction...
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    How do you like my Thief's "Steal" Command?

    My game has four classes, but a player chooses only a party of three at the beginning of the game. One of those classes is the Thief, who uniquely has access to the Steal Command. Looking back through old threads, I can see a lot of distrust in "Steal". It makes me feel a little insecure to...
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    Attack's formulae for each weapons

    I have insight on this, as I actually tend to implement this in almost every game I make. Which is to say, the main "attack" that an actor has is determined by what type of weapon they have equipped. I do this for two reasons: I find that as I a player I can appreciate small mechanical...
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    Stun vs. Paralyze status effects

    @bgillisp: I respectfully disagree. I do think it is intuitive enough to combine the ideas of temporary snake venom, restrained in by a spell, being snared by a net, being shaken by a quake and the like under an umbrella of "I cannot move". I think that is easy enough for a player to...
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    Stun vs. Paralyze status effects

    It looks as though I am the only person in the Entire World that has found "Stun" and "Paralyze" to be redundant most of the time. From the player's perspective, there is such a huge loss of agency that it is not usually much "fun" to be stunned for a long time. And likewise, allowing the player...
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    Wierd battle skill idea

    I believe that Bravely Second has a "Merchant" class that does this exact thing. I always thought it was interesting, if not a little quirky. Give it a shot.
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    Using MP universally, or strictly for magic skills

    @Wavelength Regarding my minimalist design and no MP for non-magic users; I have been working on it for awhile, and there is plenty left to finish, so it is hard to say how much is "significant" in the long run. But I have gone through personally and have found my design to be working fairly...
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    What do you do with elements in your game?

    My latest project did not take much advantage of "elements" at all. But my current one takes a tiny approach. Which is to say, there are only a small handful of highly useful spells in the game, including the spells that enemies have access to. As an example, Fire I and Fire II (the only fire...
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    Using MP universally, or strictly for magic skills

    My latest project only has magic-users, so this was not an issue to pick a uniform style of MP for each of my characters. But in my current project, I have chosen a minimalist approach. Magic-users have MP, but physical fighters have nothing of the sort. Not even something like TP. Instead...
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    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    My personal favorite is "Third Wheel Blonde" over there but I do have a soft spot for "Coloring Book" and "Sleepy Adult". Though honestly, they all have their own intrigue. Nice work indeed.
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    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    This Week in Witches (10/21) That's right!! I told you I'd be back!! The Final Dungeon is here! It has its own Soundtrack and a bunch of cutscenes! The end of the game, and everything. This update, though, is spoiler-free. I also added the Credits, which also has its own song, you're welcome. I...
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    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    This Week in Witches (10/06) Travel to the top of Gibbous Peak. It's probably the absolute hardest part of the game, from a practical perspective, anyway. The Moon is present for every battle, which makes combat much more exciting! It especially emphasizes what Toil and Trouble has to offer...

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