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  • Some of my friends don't really like RPG Maker MV for some reasons. Guess i am not ready to use it yet, still sticking with VX Ace.
    The one thing I dislike about MV is its abysmal display performance.
    Other than that, maybe it's a good engine to work with, but not in its current state.
    What i dislike about MV is its resolution and tile size. My friends also point out that sound performance isn't even good. Wish VX Ace had more scripts around the time ._.
    Just returned from vacation yesterday, and articy:draft trial is over soon. I need the flex license but i don't want to waste money now.
    I have two things in a status: 1. is GameGuru any good? 2. Hope i'll expect MV and few fav tools i like on Steam to go on sale on halloween.
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    The Stranger
    GameGuru can make all sorts of games, and it's no longer confined to using grid based segments as FPS Creator was. You can make 3rd person action rpgs in it, now. Plus, there are a lot of community scripts available to use. It's just not as easy to use as RPG Maker, despite being drag and drop.
    That's very good. I'll make the next 3rd person Duke Nukem FPS- hahaha just joking. Well, i just want to hope i can make nearly anything i want as long i don't want to get me mad to learn Python. I'm just not ready to plan on starting Python.
    The Stranger
    Better get started on that Duke game. The last one took 10 or so years to make, so I expect to hear from you in 20. :p
    I still don't get any reply to my RGSS3 scripting problem... so i'm continuing DP3's tutorials as of yesterday + fun with articy:draft.
    As i've just departed on vacation few days ago, i am (finally) trying to learn RGSS3 whilst dreaming for a battle system modification...
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Time to wrap things up and release a demo of my game.
My son is smelling the house out with waffles and homemade strawberry sauce. Sometimes he has leftovers. I hope he has leftovers today!
I really, really, REALLY hate it when I'm trying to make an event work but I keep screwing it up and somehow mess up the conditional branches and can't figure out the proper order!:kaolivid:
I got a function working to load the last save after a game over. Really proud of myself.
Still a WIP...

I started the evening loving vintage cars... by the time I am done however I might not anymore... xD

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