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    Looking for a simplified "quartz" skill system

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to find a script that would allow me to make a simplified version of the quartz system from the Legend of Heroes series. If you're not aware of what that system does, it basically allows the player to equip certain items - "quartz" - that have different...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    Chapter 2 has been released! Enjoy the new content, plus a ton of updated and improved mechanics, maps, and dialog in Chapter 1. Here is the download link: I'll also update it in the OP. For a comprehensive changelog, you can go here...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    Hi all! Apologies for the radio silence these past few weeks (or months, here on rpgmakerweb). Work has been very busy and I'm already looking forward to May, when our travel season will wind down. However, I come bearing good news! Chapter Two is now in the hands of some excellent testers...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    Oh, yes, I see what you mean! I do have custom animations that I plan on inserting; I just need to find the time to sit down and go through them. The battle sequences are pretty basic. I'd like to learn how to use Symphony better and have cool custom ones, but I think that will wait for a while...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    The lack of dialog on the part of the characters is not going to change anytime soon. While I understand that this makes them lack personality, that's kind of the point. They're meant to be blank slates, similar to party members in games like Dragon Quest 3. My intent with this game is less...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    The download has been updated to version 0.16. This version fixes some bugs and typos and, most importantly, lowers the encounter rate. If you played Chapter One and that it seemed a little too encounter-heavy, you were totally right. This version should be much more enjoyable. If you have any...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    Download for Chapter One (5-8 hours of gameplay) is now live. Please follow the link in the OP, or click here:
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    Oh man, I didn't even think about that when I was naming it! The game actually started out as The Seven Swords, but I decided to change up the title for a few reasons. Game Update: The beta-testers have almost finished with Chapter One (I'm waiting for one more of them to get through the last...
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    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    THE SEVEN SEALS A retro RPG with customizable parties inspired by games like Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 and Final Fantasy 5. STORY AND FEATURES SCREENSHOTS CLASSES WORLD MAP DOWNLOAD LINK

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