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  1. JK Mail System

    Sorry, I'm very new to this sort of thing, would I just export it onto something like Or is there a different method entirely for that?
  2. JK Mail System

    So this is a thing from my game "sender":"Mayor Samson","subject":"Welcome!","attachment":"i11", "message":"<Wrap>Welcome \\n[1]! <br>Did you receive our gift alright? <br>It's not a lot, but we hope the new farming tools can help get you started here in Humble Acres! The town can't wait to...
  3. RMMV Yanfly Event Spawner only spawns half of time or after player walks??

    Alright, fiddling around, I found a solution that worked without using the region events! I guess the region events is too constant even with a wait time that it cannot handle a player spawning a bunch of tilled plots one after another. I instead went with a parallel process that checks if the...
  4. RMMV Yanfly Event Spawner only spawns half of time or after player walks??

    I moved the event spawner all over the place even to right under the core engine but it still has the same issue :/ Maybe my best bet would be to do the first suggestion and find a way to restrict the player maybe??
  5. RMMV Yanfly Event Spawner only spawns half of time or after player walks??

    Yeah, the hoe common event is through a region event! I have Yanfly's Region Event where the common event should only occur in spot twenty. However, it did seem to work better when going with the "spawn anywhere" method. Though I only want the player to really till their own land rather than the...
  6. RMMV Yanfly Event Spawner only spawns half of time or after player walks??

    So that title is a mouthful, but this is my first ever forum post. So I apologize in advance if this is a bit rambly or hard to understand, but basically: I am attempting a farming game. Instead of having to change maps for different seasons, I wish to keep the maps the same and change the tile...
  7. JK Mail System

    Hopefully you're still available for questions, but for some bizarre reason, my messages erase half way through? Like, I'm even using your original mail.json file and for some reason it'll just show only the first half of the message. I have the YED word wrap plugin and I have the mail plugin...
  8. RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Nothing comes up for me-- I kinda gave up with that due to the fact that nothing appears wrong in your code and my rpg maker mv program detects nothing wrong, so I attempted to use the item synthesis method through yanfly, which works totally fine, but there is an issue with the add on I got...
  9. RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    I really hope you're still answering questions! So, I have downloaded the RMMV version of the crafting plugin, but for some reason the plugin command: CallCrafting does not work at all. CallCrafting Cooking and CallCrafting both do not work, and do not bring up any windows. I had yanfly plugins...

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