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  1. Changing Title Screen?

    First off, I'm new here so I may not have posted this in the correct section. Apologies. As for the real problem, my RPG Maker 2003 works fine except for one chronic error; it won't let me change the title screen. I've looked at multiple guides to do this and have followed all of them, but it...

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Really struggling with XP animations but my game deserves my best.
I think the characters are really too short. Should at least add a little more
Just the legs should be longer.
--- Survival For RPGist ---

Survivalist: I going to Test you: How to make the Fire.
F.Mage: That easy. (Preparing the Spell) EXPLOSIVE!!!
(an Explosion on the Wood Branch then Fire is Appeared)
F.Mage: (Proud Face) See?
Survivalist: (Angry Tone) MAGIC ISN'T ALLOWED!!!
Recent threads, and my very poor algorithm for my minimap plugin have made me face the fact that I need to review algorithms and such.

Going through Cracking the Coding Interview now. I am so excited.
I've seen a reference to a Community Lighting plugin for MZ, but cannot find it. Is it still in beta?

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