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    Is anyone else unable to launch the program with multiple monitors?

    I also have 2 monitors and the Steam version works fine for me. Are you talking about RPG maker itself or a game made with it? If it's a game made with it, maybe ask the developers if they have any code in the game that would be affected by the number of monitors?
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    RMMV Make "Special" menu option change when abilities can be used?

    I'll try that if I can't find another way. I sorta just want something to visually encourage the player to use the Specials skills and draw extra attention to them, but it's something I can live with not being able to accomplish.
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    RMMV Make "Special" menu option change when abilities can be used?

    Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question or in the wrong spot. My actor has skills that require a certain amount of TP to be used, and they are under "Special". How can I make it so "Special" flashes/changes color or adds some visual indicator when they gain enough TP to use a skill (like 10 if...
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    [Art] Can two artists work together with synergy in CGs?

    This is how most professional studios operate. You'll have separate character artists, environment artists, even the initial concept or the animation might be done by someone else, and sometimes many people work on the same aspects. An artist worth their salt should be able to do both character...
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    Panettone is clearly the champion of sweet breads and cakes! The RTP should include Panettone instead of a birthday cake asset!

    I like fresh homemade bread with butter the best. Or pumpkin bread. I don't know what Panettone is, but it looks like it has raisins in it. If I wanted old grapes I'd have a glass of wine, thank you.
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    Questions that can be answered with an "it depends" are Garbage and you should rewrite them!

    I mean, it really does depend. I have a lot of subjects I am interested in but don't want to play an educational game about. I'm very interested in space, but I wouldn't play an educational game about space because I would rather watch a documentary. I'd rather play a game that's sci-fi and...
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    Feedback is Garbage and you Should Ignore 90% of it!

    Nope, 90% of feedback is useful, 10% is personal taste in my opinion. It will point you to your problems, but often times not tell you how to fix it. You don't need to be a 5 star chef to say a dish sucks or is too salty. But you shouldn't throw in paprika just because someone said it needs it...
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    Why doors are closed in classic games shops?

    Like others have said, it depends on the culture and often the weather. There's no right or wrong way about it. I usually only see it in warm areas or touristy places. Do research if you are going after a specific setting, often times you'll have assumptions that aren't true. In your game, is...
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    Is it possible to create a good JRPG without illogical traditional JRPG designs?

    I think it largely depends on what kind of story you are trying to tell. If your story is really realistic, then yeah, you want to center your game design on having the game play not clash with the tone. But I think once you have monsters in your game, I don't think you can call it realistic...
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    What does it check for upon 'saving'? Characters in the 'Img' folder?

    Have you tried closing and reopening RPGMaker? Sometimes it doesn't update new images until it's reopened. Also what name did you change the image to and was that the only change you made before getting this error?

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