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  1. Yanfly Shop Core "direct buy" ?

    Hi there, I'd like to get directly to the Buy window of the Yanfly Shop Core. Do you know how I can achieve this ? Thanks in advance for your help !
  2. Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    I finally managed to handle this one. If you go to deck builder at the beginning of a game, without displaying any card in your items menu, then it will crash. But it won't if you look at your cards before. The solution is simple : have no cards at the beginning, then the deck builder isn't...
  3. Triple Triad Card Game

    Hello, How about boosters and card shop add-ons ? Nice job 'til now anyway !
  4. Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    The same speed as shown in the demo video. But everything is not good : it lags on Chrome (works fine on other browsers) and does not work on mobile.
  5. Set EXP to a specific value

    Thanks so much !
  6. Set EXP to a specific value

    Hi there, I'm trying to set EXP to a specific value, but I can't find the exact name of the variable. I managed to do it with gold, but how to do it with EXP ? Thanks in advance for your help ! Seb.
  7. Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    I managed to make it playable, even on small machines (doesn't work on mobile though), but this lack of support is unacceptable.
  8. Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    Some news : forcing canvas via community basic plugin solves the problem for browser games BUT it doesn't work well on Chrome. Tested fine on FF and Brave.
  9. Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    For my part, 3 mails and still no answer. For a plugin that is sold for about 50 bucks, it's not serious. We're going to try to optimize the code to see if we can gain some FPS on slowest machines. I started by (over)compressing PNG images for the battle cards, with no picture weighting more...
  10. Random array from given array

    Hum... I'm back mith my stupid questions. I have another piece of code saying this : $cardOpponent() = [248, 248, 302, 302, 320, 320, 360, 360, 374, 374, 393, 393, 449, 449, 463, 463, 500, 500, 516, 516, 538, 538, 600, 600, 624, 624, 649, 649, 659, 659, 683, 683, 712, 712, 751, 751...
  11. Random array from given array

    Pretty sure I'm far away from the result : Still returning 0. Also how can the code choose from given values ? (and thanks for your patience...) Nevermind I figured my mistake. Thanks for your precious help ! It works ! (I just forgot to create my initial array...)
  12. Random array from given array

    I'm really ashamed to say that, but I have no idea about how to do that. As I said before, I really have no skills in javascript (but I love to learn).
  13. Random array from given array

    Thanks for your quick reply ! Indeed, values can be picked up twice (or more). But I forgot to tell my values in the first array don't always follow each other : [1,2,6,12,46,..........] Also, in the piece of code you show, the name of the variable storing the final array is randomArray right...
  14. Random array from given array

    Hi there, Hope to be in the right forum, please excuse me if I am not... Also sorry if my title is not very clear, but I don't know how to tell : Let's say I have a given array : [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,...........x,y,z] I need from this a new random array with a given number of values, let's...
  15. PV style medieval tiles ?

    Thanks for your answers.

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