Hi guys! Just wanted to say a little about myself and my history with the RM series.

I first got into the RPG Maker series when I was about 12, with RPG Maker 2000. It was an unofficial release that was translated by Don Miguel. I was fascinated by the simplicity and complexity of it all. The included demo by DM (my initials!) gave me hours of enjoyment, trying to figure out how everything worked, hoping that the conflict between the red and blue knights would be experienced in the upcoming release. Although I knew very little about the engine, it served as my gateway into game creation, giving me the ability to make an rpg without actually making an rpg.

I dabbled with RPG Maker 2003, though not as deeply as I did with 2000. When I found out that RPG Maker was released for the original Playstation, I immediately bought the game with my allowance. I spent hours and days and weeks using it, creating my own game despite it not having the efficiency of its PC counterparts. I expect I never got past the first hour of my game.

I then found RPG Maker XP, an official release for the PC, something I found so incredibly advanced compared to its predecessors that I jumped on the chance. Between high school and college I created my first full game. Although I only got one chapter finished, I learned so much. Time management and realistic goals was my lesson. If you've ever heard of "Ballad of the Wind", that's the game.

During college I had no time to work on any games, thus I skipped RPG Maker VX, an engine I particularly didn't like due to its limited mapping capabilities. Now here I am, working on You Are Not The Hero, created on RPG Maker VX Ace. Please look forward to it, I'm putting my very heart and soul into its release, not to mention money.

Game design & development, 3D modeling and animation.
Hockey, anime, manga, games.
Apr 9, 1987 (Age: 33)
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