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  • SummonCore V0.60 will be entering second Alpha shortly! Woo~
    Update Video will be up soon to go along with it!

    Also going to start a "basics of game making" series on youtube. Let's make a game together :D If you have any ideas for a "plot" or "parts to a plot" that you don't mind parting with comment below or msg me them and I'll use them or a combination of them in the "basics of story-telling" episode. Otherwise I'll probably just use a generator or something.
    Thought I'd share this with you all... never have I realized how much of an amatuer I am than that moment I realize I need to make sure the game knows it should save all of the stuff I added to it. Heh... I had never made a save file to test that until tonight. Fixed... that would have been the first major thing my alpha testers noticed I'm sure. Got it! xD
    Just spend the past 6 hours re-writing and re-working my SummonCore plugin for my Alpha testers to get it by Tuesday night.

    Gotta say it may seem like a lot to do when I had a working Alpha but I'm glad I did it. I learned so much, including bugs I didn't know I had that I went ahead and patched up haha. Working on my quick preview video tomorrow after work which will also go up by Tuesday. It's all finally coming together!
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    Well done sekunri!  :rock-left:  bossin it! 
    Looking forward to this more and more~ \o/
    I feel like I could start a development blog based on just all the random weird things I keep running into while working on this plugin.

    Weirdest bug with the menu where it won't automatically select one of the summons like it does one of the main party's actors when you select skills / equip / status. Looking into a work around or fix now.
    Summon Core 0.10 alpha is complete.

    But I discovered it can be made even more compatible with other scripts. I'm looking into how that can be done as I continue adding features to the plugin.

    Current progress has the following.

    > Summon appears with animation now. (albeit a random bug I'm looking into)

    > Summon Skill works ONLY if target is a summon-able target with Hp > 0.

    > Summon Skill can no longer be accidentally used to attempt a second summon.

    ---> New feature allows Summon Skill to be replaced by a Dismiss version of itself.

    > All commands are using Note tags now and previous Plugin commands have been removed at this time. (not permanently, some new ones are required but haven't been implemented)

    Future Release Schedule

    > Summon Core 0.20 alpha will have the default menu scene for summons added to it. At this time it has not reached a point I am happy with.

    > Summon Core 0.30 alpha will be fixing the plugin so that it can be expanded on with add-ons, including custom HUDS & Menus! (by Christmas)

    > Summon Core 0.40 alpha will be implementing a turn-based rule for those who wish to have summons active only for a few turns. Also automatic dismissal at 0 hp during combat will bad added. (ideally by Christmas)

    > Summon Core 0.50 alpha will be implementing "summoning stones" an item that can be used by any character to summon additional battlers. Adding final touches to summoning mechanic across items and skills.

    > Summon Core 0.60 onward will be potentially looking for alpha testers to help test bugs and compatibility issues. If all goes well we will release publicly shortly after that.

    Real Life has been keeping me busy lately so this is going a lot slower than I wanted it to. Since I don't make money off of programming or game development I have to pay bills somehow after all.

    Still For those of you following me I thank you for your patience and apologize for the wait. The plugins official release will include an Add-On, Extended Battler Positions.

    At this time I do have plans to expand this plugin after release but first let's finish this one before I talk about the future right?
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    Dude.. this plugin is the bee's knees .. and those future updates to it are making a little bit of wee wee come out. XD summoning stones sounds the tots. And did I get this right.. your going to add it's own menu screen ? Could add face sets to them also ? Very ff8.. please be done by Xmas!!! Haha 
    Thats right i want to have a menu screen set up for summoned actors only.

    Working on that today actually. I want to keep it intuitive enough i can make custom layouts for it later or so others can do the same.
    Summon Core Plugin Update:

    Currently working on perfecting summoning entry animations though this will require developer setup from the looks of things.

    A requested feature was a menu scene to show acquired summons. That is my next step on the plugins development.

    If you have any suggested features let me know. If i like them they might be implemented
    Thanks for the update. Definitely looking forward to this~ \o/
    Have to call it a night now got so much done though I feel very accomplished.

    Quick poll though. If you made a summoning skill how would you name it? I follow Summon: Creature as the base for my skills but I'm curious how others do it.
    Summon Actors Plugin updated to 1.02a with Shaz's Battle Result Switch being integrated into the plugin with her permission. Edit by Michael Caiola.

    Please note to everyone following this plugin. While updated this plugin will no longer be supported or available when the new version I've been hyping up comes out. But for now enjoy the added functionality which removes the need for YanFly's Base Troops.
    Working on a better summoning script that cleans up a lot of the bulk and adds some new features. If you have any feature suggestions please let me know
    The idea is to have the ability to summon an actor. As such it is possible to add an auto battle flag on a summoned actor but i can look into developing a Summon Ai to make that flag even better. I like that idea.
    Have a summoned monster grant a defensive bonus based on it's element or give it's summoner abilities that are active only when it is present is what I meant.
    That goes outside the scope of what the plugin is attempting to do unfortunately Palladinthug but fret not for Yanfly has created 2 scripts that when combined will produce the effects you want.
    Yanfly's Auto Passive States will allow skills to activate passively for the actor that has learned it.

    Yanfly's Passive Aura Effects will provide an aura to allies or foes when an actor is affected by a specific state.

    • So let's say the summon is Genbu, the Black Tortoise.
    • He has a skill called Black Shell which says it grants an aura to the party that increases defense by 15%.
    • The skill itself has the <passive state: x> tag and all it does is target the user and give them the state "bs aura".
    • The State "bs aura" has the tag <Ally Aura: x> which will give the entire party, summon included, the buff x which will be the state "Black Shell" that grants a 15% def buff so long as Genbu is active.

      NOTE: You require both plugins for Passive Aura Effects to even work according to the site as its an Extension of Auto Passive States. Also you could just put the buff on your summon's personal note tags and he'll always have the state but if you use a skills note tag it will only be active once the summon has reached the level where he knows the skill with the passive notetag.
    After literally finishing a plugin I was proud of 2 days ago I look at it now with disgust. Lol.

    I can make it better, more efficient. I have the know how now.

    So I hope the Summon Plugin holds you over I'll remove it once I'm done with its newer, better version.
    Version 1.0 of my Summon Persistent actors plugin is complete. Not perfect yet but hoping it helps everyone since I know I'm not the only one who wanted this.

    See the thread here.
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    not bad but having your method names in portuguese is counter productive and stops peoples to actually understand your plugin.
    Its actually spanish not portuguese though they are similar. So is italian actually.

    Spanish is my first language and I've been practicing it as I don't get much chance to where I live right now. I'll put in translations in comments above each function to help understand them.

    Though truth be told its the plugin commands that do almost everything.
    OMG finally figured out the code. Stopping for tonight but the Alpha to my summoning script is COMPLETE!!!

    Time to polish it up. Add user controlled parameters and facedesk from exhaustion. I... did not expect this last part to be this annoying but its done! Finally its done.  Release as soon as its polished and the video is made.
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    Wow, grats, man
    Thanks! I'll be trying to release it by tomorrow. There is one major thing about the way things play out that bug me though... but I'm sure people will be happy with it until I find a way to make it even better.
    Been on vacation. Return home Monday but while I was away I learned some things. If my theories are right i'll be one major step closer to completing the summoning script :D
    My Game Jam game The Mansion is released for the event.

    If you check it out please read the post to see what the future may hold for it if you're interested in seeing it expand from its current simplistic state.
    Of course on the day I'm supposed to finish the game I find a bug that could easily break the premise of the game. Well I need to make sure the rest of the game works at least and release it for the Game Jam... just hope we can figure out what's wrong with my code...
    Aw, that sucks. I hope you figure it out. My game's pretty buggy and I can't figure out these damage popups. But, I like this system. So, I'm sticking with it. :)  
    I actually managed to get the core game-play complete. The proof of concept is there and completed now. Its just I'm uncertain if I can get the story and the necessary final components before the due time.

    I do think it came out nice considering how rushed a product it was so far. I have bigger plans for it though, an atmosphere change. A proper title screen. Maybe a change in art style. I didn't think I'd end up loving my little project as much as I have.
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