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  • i too sick to crack any more jokes...goodbye...uguhhu
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    @seraphxo Hi and welcome to the forums. If you go to the help tab, we actually have a separate section for status feed rules.

    The status feed disappears pretty quickly, so if one person is spamming it (not saying you were), others will not have a chance to have their status seen as easily. That is why we have this rule.
    As others said though, that is just for starting a new status, not replying to one. If you see someone violating the rule, you're welcome to report it so that mods can take care of it. We are volunteers doing this in our own time, so sometimes we miss things.
    You also may be missing the part that says you can post TWO a day. TWO. So multiple is ok if you keep it at 2 or less.

    Though honest suggestion? Chill a little please. If you get this worked up over a status update post and a request to tone it down it will make people wonder how you will react when your game comes out and you get any negative feedback or even just suggestions for it.
    i haven't been sleeping lately in the past couple of weeks, and i didn't sleep at all last time im seen on here at 3+ am, somebody slap me on the wrist. i got out of bed this morning feeling really sick.
    I can relate on the sleeping. just had a big event happen in my personal life about a month ago and until about a few days ago, I wasn't sleeping AT ALL really. it felt awful. do i change my profile picture?
    Welcome to the forums. You change your profile by clicking on your picture at the top of the page. Hover over your icon in the dropdown that appears and you should see an edit button.
    oh, thank you ~_~
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Gnyaaaa! Invisible comments on YouTube!!!
When I learned about multithreading in C++, one of the first things was that while heap is shared, each thread has its own stack and it's impossible to access another thread's stack.
So I wrapped the variables into a static class and passed its address to another thread. And it worked.
More characters from my game )
bandicam 2023-03-31 07-42-50-549.png
ScreenShot_3_30_2023_10_5_45.pngstarted working on a new area today. It's a warped version of being inside someone's home. Also moved the face and Panic gauges to be out of the way of the map names. switching moods actively changes what you encounter. Calm is normal while anxious is all the way up to Manic.
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And yes kiddos smoking, alcohol and too much coffee or tea are bad for you - but in the 20's we didnt know that yet xD

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