Hiya! My name is Kailey and I've been playing around with the Rpg makers series since I was 10 years old with RPG Maker 2000. I usually just make games for friends and have a hard time finishing them, so I never have made any big releases, but I've hoped to change that and start getting my games out to the public! I'm experienced with VX Ace, but am starting to get to know and enjoy MV.

I primarily focus on custom art assets and story writing, but I am taking javascript classes so hopefully I can start to contribute to the community in big ways and make my games more unique!
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Finally started working on Grim Trigger episode 2 today :LZScat: it's half comic/half visual novel!

Is it interesting to get more backstory on villains? A key moment in their past, their childhood, or maybe something that shows they've always been that way? To see or not to see?
"Everything tastes like chicken until it's chicken, then it doesn't taste like chicken."
Context: chicken samosas do not taste like chicken. I thought it was veggie samosas.
Just another ordinary evening.
This pig girl is a merchant and playable character.
Currently there's no name for her yet. a suggestion is welcomed.
Want for a Nail: I'm trying to figure out what controllers work with MZ, one support thread, a plugin request thread, a dead controller, and a $48 eBay purchase, and a PS1/PS2 USB adapter later. Still stuck with keyboard controls...

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