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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    That code is exactly what I couldn't do, I guess that I missed that part from your original Bard skill lol It looks so simple but I really struggle with customized codes hahaha Thanks!
  2. SergeX

    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Hello Ramza! I liked the idea of your Bard skill but I was wondering if I could reach a similar but different effect . In my project, I have a Shamanist class that uses Aura effects. But special twist would be: - The Shamanist can mantain only one Aura active; - While the Aura is active, it...
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I'm trying to make a conditional skill but I am having no success with the formula. I want the skill to remove a particular state if the user is affected by this particular state. If the target is not affected by the state, then the skill would give a Defense buff. I've tested several...
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    Ramza's Shield Block Plugin -UPDATED APRIL 3 2019-

    Hello there Ramza! I've got a really simple question. I don't know if I overlooked the scripts recomendations but I can't find no way to translate the "Block" as a parameter - my game is in portuguese language originally so I would like to translate this, but there's no way on the plugin...
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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Whoa! You already came with a solution. This topic is pure gold and gives us always new tricks to play with. Thank you very much! I'll try this out.
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    Ramza's State Workshop OPEN (current states: 26 LATEST: Overpower + Darkness Burst)

    Wonderful job here Ramza! Would be very hard to add some global effects to Hurricane like weather effects from Pokemon? My logic is: because it activates a storm, this state could boost wind and thunder damage by 10% and reduce earth damage by 20%. I know this effect can be easily done if it...
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    I cannot relate to the music of today...

    I don't think that such a thing is possible. Music - not saying music or entertainment industry - does have a lot of genres in which A LOT MORE of people are experimenting new things or doing music inspired by music from the past. You have this stupid top 40 songs that repeats trends to...
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    Elemental Attack

    I don't think so ;3 This is the first time that I am asking help about this topic (after days trying to solve this and failing lol)
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    Elemental Attack

    Oops I forgot to explain something very important lol Using traits simply doesn't work because I'm using three types of physical damage (pierce/blunt/slash) so even if I add a state with a trait with elemental attack, the element doesn't apply. Also, for skills that does have a fixed physical...
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    Elemental Attack

    Besides normal magic elemental damage, I want physical attackers in my game to also use elemental physical attacks. I don't want to make physical elemental skills; I want to have a state that turns neutral physical damage into elemental physical damage. It's kinda like Judgement tips & tricks...
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    Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization v2.2.1 - Updated 05/17/2017

    How to make the Change Battle Equip command appear on battle with this plugin? For reference, here's the Yanfly Plugin By the way, this is a wonderful plugin!
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    Ammo and Item based Actors

    I like the concept of ammo, like: archer skills require arrows. It gives a sense of "realism", because no bow can spam infinite arrows. You could create a variety of ammo that have different effects, like an normal arrow (physical damage), fire arrow (fire elemental damage + chance of burn the...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hi. I wonder if anyone could help me. In my game, I want a character to have a passive ability like the Thornmail effect presented by Yanfly, but with some changes.  I would like to tie the recoil damage within a variable, so depending of the value of the variable, the recoil could range...
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    ReStaff July 2016: Spring and Summer

    @Kaimen  Actually, your song fits well what I mean by dramatic/adult, and I really enjoyed your work. I hope we can see more of your work in the future :)
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    ReStaff July 2016: Spring and Summer

    Great job everyone. Thank you very much in crafting free resources for the community! I really love Avery's and Chalkdust graphic resources, it's a great contribution to us all! The SV weapons are amazing. I would like to highlight one of the best songs I've heard in Restaf so far: A...

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