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  • Mixed feelings. Today is our biggest snow of the year, but I already have work off for Spring Break. Oh well, I'll still enjoy the day off and the snow.
    Doing some of the less exciting but still important things in my game. Right now that's setting drop items and percentages for enemies.
    do i hear an amen!
    Getting distracted by looking at the forums instead of actually working on my game. Hoping for a snow day from work tomorrow with lots of time to work on my game...
    Being distracted by the forum is something that happens to me all the time too haha, It's hard to focus on the project sometimes..
    Finally finished the demo for Dark War! I'm looking for players to give feedback...anyone interested? The details and demo are under Project Development.
    My goal has been to get a 2-3 hour demo out by the end of summer...I'm close but not quite there yet
    Got a solid 35-40 minutes of gameplay ready (with a few bugs). Making progress little by little...
    Shweetness! What is it? :3
    Amazed that Google Translate may have actually worked in helping me understand Japanese script instructions
    Its helped me a time or two also.
    Very productive day of RMing. Made it so only ranged weapons/magic can attack flying enemies, fixed a problem with some new sprites, and did some mapping/eventing.
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Sorry Kitty...I'm practicing my harmonics. RIP your ears.
I noticed they now have a Gremlins cartoon. Nothing like striking when the iron is hot then trying to make a reboot from a movie made 34 years ago.
Up to 40,000,000 people just became felons by bureaucratic decree today in the US. If you own certain configurations of plastic and velcro, best make sure you aren't risking 10 years behind bars. Just had to take back my mom's mothers day gift from three years ago. Fun times, thanks unelected bureaucrats.
Someone help me, how to Failed to load img/system/Window%20%20%E5%89%AF%E6%9C%AC%20(2) .png in joiplay emulator on android
Someone please post some beginner problems so I can act like I'm a veteran and know what I'm doing? (Also someone please stop @Andar and @ATT_Turan from posting on them because they are way too fast?!)

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