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Watched Sonny Boy. Loved it, but I couldn't make heads or tails of the plot.
Try to look up an explanation.
There is no explanation. I missed the point, apparently. Help.
Hey Y’all. We have an eclectic community of hobby devs and pro devs. It’s awesome. How you angle your offers and requests is very important. Looking for fun, to build experience, or to find pro work have very different expectations.

Please do not sell yourself short. People will abuse it. If you’re not sure if you should open a Classified Ad, my PMs are open. I was the lady chosen for that job.
Microsoft: "Account recovery is 100% automated, we can't manually help you at all. But, it also takes 24 hours to let you know if your account was recovered after you answered our 14 page Questionnaire that reads like a Phishing attempt."
For anyone who didn't see my post yesterday, let's just say that I tried to make a plugin and it went horribly wrong. I was so far off base I think I was in another ballpark. But hey, I still learned a couple of things. Even if one of them was to leave the plugin stuff to the experts and big boys/girls/people of pluginy persuasion. :LZSlol:
TheAM-Dol wrote on AquaEcho's profile.
diggin' the new festive profile pic. Another holly-jolly member.

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