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  • Hey Shadow!

    Great work! I already liked your "standard" work but I think I'm falling in love with your Dragonbones stuff. Keep it up!

    Quick question, I'm using MZ and I've gotten everything to work, but, rather than starting idle the enemies start static until I or they attack. Probably because these were designed for MV but I'm pretty sure it's a basic setting or something somewhere that I can tweak to fix this.
    Hmm. Just tried this and it still started static. If I use the additional settings with this then it's actually worse and the battler remains static until defeat. Not sure what the issue could be but I'll keep playing around with it. Thanks for all your help.
    Your welcome, sorry to say I can't help much further as it seems to be an issue on your end.

    The only other thing I can think of is to manually tie each of the animations with the corresponding notetag, especially the Walk animation.

    In the MV version the tag would be
    <DragonBone Ani Walk: Walk>

    The 'read me' files included with the downloads list all the animation names used with each battler.
    In case you haven't come up with a solution to your battlers being static at battle start, here's something I thought of that might work as a stopgap.

    You could try making a skill which targets 'all allies', give it an action sequence with the bare minimum not even damage, and have it set the targets' animation to 'Walk'

    Then setup a troop event to make the first enemy cast the skill at battle start.
    Hi Shadow!

    Amazing job on the batters. I Tried to use some of your dragon bones animations and they are facing the wrong way.
    There is any fix for that ?
    In the plugin's documentation there's a notetag for changing the battler's 'x scale', change that to a negative number such as -1 and it will 'reverse' the battler's horizontal facing.
    worked ty!
    Your welcome :rtea:
    Hello and thank you for sharing your battlers with us. Please do feel bad that people do not give the spotlight you deserve. I think you are one of the greatest artists in the RPG community.
    Just came to say your artwork is amazing and wonderful and you are a huge asset to this community. Thank you for all that you do for us!
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grief... lol... I keep seeing request for MZ versions of MV plugins. this is why I haven't moved over and just MZ for my MV project.
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now that fmod is free for indie(<200k revenue), it would be interesting to see someone add fmod support for rpg maker
Can't say I can't promise progress on a project just yet. But I can say I had fun databasing tonight. :)

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