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  • Hello, shadow! Can keel image resources be encrypted?
    I don't quite know what you are asking but I have no problems with you encrypting my resources. However take note that DragonBones battlers probably won't work if encrypted.

    If you use RPG Maker MV's auto-encrypt (or something similar) with the DB battlers, you'll likely need to manually copy the unencrypted 'dragonbones_assets' folder from your project files into the exported game's files.
    Hey Shadow!

    Great work! I already liked your "standard" work but I think I'm falling in love with your Dragonbones stuff. Keep it up!

    Quick question, I'm using MZ and I've gotten everything to work, but, rather than starting idle the enemies start static until I or they attack. Probably because these were designed for MV but I'm pretty sure it's a basic setting or something somewhere that I can tweak to fix this.
    I viewed some technical pages about dragonbones issues and I found someone wrote this about his solutions -- "in DragonBones - in the animation editor, named animations default to Play Times 0 which means loop. To fix this, set Play Times to 1 on the ATTACK animation (or actually all the animations except IDLE)."

    I am not sure, but could it be a key for solving wrong animation looping issue?
    @nemesis99 I've sent a PM to discuss this issue independently as it seems to be a somewhat different issue and holding discussions here is awkward due to character limits.
    @ShadowHawkDragon Thank you for your concern and let's see what they could do on that side.
    Hi Shadow!

    Amazing job on the batters. I Tried to use some of your dragon bones animations and they are facing the wrong way.
    There is any fix for that ?
    In the plugin's documentation there's a notetag for changing the battler's 'x scale', change that to a negative number such as -1 and it will 'reverse' the battler's horizontal facing.
    worked ty!
    Your welcome :rtea:
    Just came to say your artwork is amazing and wonderful and you are a huge asset to this community. Thank you for all that you do for us!
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Programming languages are amazing.

Someone needed help with a problem in C#. I've got 0 experience in C#. I read 0 lines of their code. I only knew what they wanted to do. I wrote a completely generic code in Javascript containing the generic answer. But they understood what I was doing and translated that to their code. 20 seconds later, problem solved.
been using ChatGPT to write a new story. I told it to :
generate a word like gundam for a false prophet super AI

it answered :
"NOVUS" as an acronym for "New Omnipotent Virtual Unit for Synthetics"? sounds similar to "gnosis," which is a term associated with knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, fitting the theme of a false prophet.

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