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  1. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Sweet, I will be sure to look through all this. This is some great stuff!
  2. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Haha I think I may have a long way to go before I'm on that kind of level, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I realised before I even posted this was probably some extremely advanced stuff. Still, if I can even find a script that can get me started, that will be a massive help. I'll certainly...
  3. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    I assume it's the depth that creates the biggest issue in 2.5D+ABS? Sorting out lanes and hit boxes, not to mention height in combat?
  4. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Haha yeah, my bad on not providing an example; I wanted to, but being a new member I had to wait for the clock to tick over to midnight so I could respond lol. The example I would have posted is something like this. I explained poorly; just to clarify I have no interest in online...
  5. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Thanks a lot! I will look this up, it may be what I'm looking for! There's a bunch of stuff I'd like to do with this if I can. I'd still like characters to have their own individual stats and strengths and I'd like them to excel at different things. I'd make it so out of all your party members...
  6. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Hi everybody! This is my first time posting here; I've been mucking around half-heartedly with various game programs for over a year, but I've only really started seriously experimenting in the last few months (and my creations now, while still nowhere near "good", are stellar compared to my...

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