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  • Would anyone be willing to mentor me on rmmv?
    Ah, if you don't know how to phrase what you want to do then it can be a lot tougher... Though having a mentor wouldn't magically fix that issue either. Sometimes taking a step back and figuring out the absolute basics of what you want can help, since later you can build on that.
    I'd suggest joining the RMN public Discord. There you can ask away all you want and someone will most likely respond to you live :) But always make sure to read tutorials especially for basic stuff.
    I don't know about "mentor" but my Discord is Kyuukon#1783 if you see me online you can send a message or whatever.
    The Mighty Palm
    The Mighty Palm
    PM me on here also and I'll give my discord/skype too if you have quick simple questions that need answered. For larger issues though, you'll want to look for similar posts on here or make your own if you cant find one.
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Seeing the new zelda stuff today, and seeing that they doubled down with the destructible equipment really reinforced to me that even AAA biggest games in the industry can be massive piles of actual dog ****. Gives me hope for us indies
Wanted to look through job ads and now I spent about an hour laughing about the website of a spiritual healer looking for a Marketing and IT guy. Call me oldfashioned, but I think that "healing of deceaseds" comes a little late.
Workin' hard! Wish I was hardly workin'...
One of these days, I will have no more errors.
The tutorial streak is going on, learn something about cave edits today!
(And possibly in a few days even more, stay tuned ;) )

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