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    Custom RMMV Battler Sprites Assistance

    I just finished a plugin that should help you out. Here it is: //============================================================================= // Sharq Plugins - Change sv_actor on weapon equip // SHARQ_change_sc_actor_on_equip.js...
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    RMMV Aether (working title) Battle Mini-game Mechanic Demo

    No I agree. I think, as the developer I already knew the patterns so well in my mind from creating them that it became easy for me to perform even the most difficult ones. I'm considering adding a visual indication of when you're supposed to hit. Also considering for the tutorial sake, adding a...
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    RPG Maker VX Ace charset of armored dog?

    Oh no, sorry I didn't make a complete set.
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    RPG Maker VX Ace charset of armored dog?

    Here ya go.
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    RMMV Necroficer (In Development)

    Ahh I see. Well hearing all of that, I would say that "Corrupted Blood" sounds MUCH more fitting now to me. With it being a generally dark game, having the word "blood" in the title makes a lot of sense.
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    RMMV The Bell Phantoms

    This sounds really interesting. I really like how your story starts and I like the concept art. I'm anticipating seeing the custom in-game sprites and art! You said at one point you'll be able to fight or sneak past enemies. How does combat work? Is it standard turn-based combat?
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    RMMV Necroficer (In Development)

    I saw your poll at the top and I voted for other. Being someone that doesn't know how to properly pronounce the name, my initial thought sounded like "Necr - Officer" like some kind of undead police man. Haha and I feel like that's not really what you're going for. Anyways, the only option not...
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    RMMV Aether (working title) Battle Mini-game Mechanic Demo

    Aether(working title) Game Objective When someone plays this game, I want them to primarily enjoy the combat system. My combat system is like a mixture of OSU and Legend of Dragoon. I have plans to make it very fun and exciting, as well as rewarding and difficult. The game will also feature a...
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    RMMV Ember's Knight

    This looks awesome! I messed around with real-time world combat in RPG Maker a long time ago and boy was it tough. I'm really interested to see how it turns out for you!
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    Time to do some work.

    Time to do some work.

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