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    When an Event Meets an Event Goin' Through the Map

    I would have thought the lower event ID would be displayed under the higher. When you copied the character event, did it actually give the new event a higher ID than the ball event? If you had deleted any other events on the map and there were "gaps" in event IDs, it would have given the new...
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    RMMV Option to turn a plugin line on/off

    Reopening to address new issue
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    Parallel process common events

    If you are waiting for seconds rather than frames, it's fine to have them all running together. That many parallel processes with NO waits might cause issues, but adding just a one or two frame wait to each would resolve that. If you are doing seconds (like Wait 180 for 3 seconds, assuming...
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    Still trying for first post...

    Looks like your post is all sorted. @Touchfuzzy FYI on the error message.
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    Map Edge Transfer

    @Moon-Girl you can use it.
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    Party members not showing up in battle

    If they don't even appear in battle, how can they have attack options to be greyed out? It sounds like you added them incorrectly. To set up your starting party, you should NOT just delete existing slots in the Actors tab. You should FIRST go to the System tab and delete everyone from the...
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    Move Route: Move Toward Event

    We don't provide support for Pokemon Essentials on this forum as Nintendo has ordered a takedown of the pack for copyright violations. closing
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    I'm looking for a school tileset

    Resource Requests
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    What is the deal on Visustella? (And commercial projects)

    Please keep the thread on topic This has nothing to do with people's opinions one way or the other on Visustella being worth the price, or the developers who contributed to it - that debate has been done to death and there's no need to start it all again. Please keep discussion focused on the...
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    What is the deal on Visustella? (And commercial projects)

    What in their terms of use gives you that feeling? You can use the plugins for commercial games. Give credit. End of story.
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    I think that this forum's member posts should include their pronoun

    People call me "he" all the time. Who cares? If I care about what people call me, I will take steps to make it easier for them to know and get it right. If others care about what people call them, they should do the same. But I'd see requiring people to provide this information as an...
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    Only four?

    Only four?
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    Now the "other" test ... good luck!

    Now the "other" test ... good luck!
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    Classifieds section?

    Yes, it would have been an older post. When the restriction was first added, it was 10 posts, but people could abuse that too easily, so it was increased to 30.
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    Nothing is posting ...?

    Yes, you need to have a couple of posts approved before you can change your profile pic. Given that your 4 posts were all made within the last 5 hours and we don't have mods online all day, every day, you're just too keen for us to keep up with ;) If you still can't do it now, please wait for...

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