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    Event Sprite Appearing Black Durning Playtest

    That would be me, and the plugin has always worked for most people using it. The spaces would cause issues if the game were being deployed to a non-Windows device, but that is not what's happening here. I can see that that is a very large sprite, and you appear to have 26 frames in each...
  2. Shaz

    RMMV EXP Gauge Not Changing Image

    At a guess I would say you have another plugin that also affects how that gauge is drawn. Move mine right to the bottom of your plugin list and see if it makes a difference.
  3. Shaz

    Save Event Position

    It shouldn't cause any noticeable lag - it's only a tiny bit of processing that's run as each map is loaded. Good luck :)
  4. Shaz

    Smart Pathfinding

    No, it will not do that. You would have to tell it to find the path, then wait a certain number of seconds, then cancel the pathfinding. But you may not always end up the correct distance away from the event that you want to. Are your events moving? If not, then you don't need to use a...
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    RMMZ VisuMZ_0_CoreEngine if enabled produces DevTools parsing error.

    So without the plugin, when you play your game, if you hit F8 to open the console, that error is not there? Because you haven't shown a screenshot, I am just assuming that this error comes up in the dev tools console. Is it coming up somewhere else? I am also assuming you typed the message...
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    Change BGM using common events - Lag?

    You haven't really given enough information to go on. There is nothing about those commands that would cause any kind of lag or audio delays. And there is nothing about common events as opposed to map events that would, either. Now, if you are talking about setting them up as a parallel...
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    Been using Switch version, want to change to PC, should I go with MZ?

    You can download a trial version of each to see what you get. They are both 20 days. Whichever one you decide NOT to use, you will not be able to use those assets in the other version (use requires that you own the engine, so you will have to remove them after the license expires if you're not...
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    My A_2 Table tile has changed size-Need Help

    Looks like you removed the Counter flag from the tile (or just didn't add it when you started over).
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    Dynamic Traits and Effects

    I believe one of the VisuStella core plugins will do it
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    Recovery system for lost data files?

    I'd be trying to figure out why your files are getting messed up. Do you have your project saved somewhere that it's being synced to an online repository? That is the most frequent messer-upper-of-files that I'm aware of. What is the "normal" filesize? Even a JSON file with no data would...
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    RPG Maker MZ Tileset Passage Bug

    If you set a tile to star passage, it overrides directional passability. This is not a bug. A star means "ignore the settings on this tile and look at whatever is on the layer below", which in your case is the floor.
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    A chest that closed when you leave the map?

    If you want the chest to disappear, it should just work by adding Erase Event instead of Control Self Switch. You don't need additional pages or additional events or additional switches. Chest appears, player opens it, chest opens, you get the loot, you get the message, chest disappears...
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    Smart Pathfinding

    This plugin will not work in MZ because it has plugin commands. Will I port it? Initially I planned to port any plugin that people found useful. Now ... I don't know. The attitude people showed towards VisuStella and Yanfly was a major turnoff for me, and I don't know if I want anything to...
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    Getting player location script: where is my mistake?

    This is not a script and has nothing to do with Javascript. What you have are event commands. You have still cropped your image - are those two screenshots from the same event? How is that logic meant to be triggered? You have it set to action button, which means the player needs to interact...
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    All of my image links have stopped working

    The permissions are fine. It is intentional that you can't just browse for anything there. Whatever I post that I want to be shared, will have a direct link. Sounds like I just need to get them to fix the security certificate then, as I got a certificate error when trying to connect via ftp.

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