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    Need help with an error please.

    Instead of letting it be random, create new troops with the same enemies, but make them not random anymore. Try them one at a time until the issue happens. Don't use Battle Test from the Troops tab, because some plugins don't load all their stuff unless you're doing a proper play test.
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    Are these a valid script calls?

    Unfortunately the character's x and y positions might be updated when they start to move, which might mean it triggers as they're about to step into the correct position. You could try one of the following, to make sure either the player, or the event, or both, have finished taking a step...
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    Need help with an error please.

    So I just had a bit of a search around for this error message, and found a few other threads with similar errors, but using different plugins, as well as a bit of stuff out there in the big wide world. None of it is conclusive, but a few things were mentioned that might be relevant. You said...
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    Are these a valid script calls?

    Sure. Here's the formula: Math.abs($gamePlayer.x - this.character(0).x) + Math.abs($gamePlayer.y - this.character(0).y) === 1 When you're running a script call in an event, this is the interpreter attached to the event, so you can say this. followed by any function in the Game_Interpreter...
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    Need help with an error please.

    A JSON.parse() error usually means invalid source, so note tags or damage formula maybe. That it's being called by makeDeepCopy and the actionSettings could help you to identify where it's being triggered. Can you narrow down an actor or enemy, and a skill or item that applies to the current...
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    Are these a valid script calls?

    If you are doing this as a script call, you could do this: Math.abs($gamePlayer.x - this.character(0).x) + Math.abs($gamePlayer.y - this.character(0).y) === 1
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    Any possible scripts that would allow for random enemy encounters on event tiles?

    Perhaps you should disable the other scripts and see if the random encounters spawn on those tiles without the other scripts. If someone gives you a mod to make it happen, but it's already happening by default and it's one of your scripts that's stopping it, then a mod might not work either...
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    Android save data

    I'm pretty sure in the very beginning, desktop saves were just done as cookies, but they're not anymore. I'm sure there'll be a way to get to them. I am not very savvy when it comes to MV on mobile. If you know of a good, EASY tutorial that goes through the deployment steps, point me to it...
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    Help with custom tileset?

    Yep. Look at the default tiles and follow their lead. The help file also explains things. Your tilesheet images need to be exactly the right size (depending on what slot you're putting them into), and contain exactly the right type of tiles. There is also a good blog article on "the anatomy...
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    Events' position resets when Ieaving map

    I have never heard of it not working before. Are you sure you used it correctly? I also have a Remember Event Position plugin. If you are going to create duplicate maps just so you have events in different positions, that's a WHOLE lot of extra effort you'll go to, and will introduce other...
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    Android save data

    Are you assuming you can't, just because you couldn't find out where they were saved? I haven't deployed to any mobile device, but a quick look through the scripts and some google-fu seems to indicate they are saved with the web browser data, with the name RPG File1, RPG File2, etc. So if you...
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    [MV]Shop/building buying system that then generates passive gold income.

    I also have a multi-timers plugin that would work for this. IF you want the income to be passive (you get paid every 15 minutes, and you don't have to go back to the shop to collect).
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    Change Image Plugin?

    why? The engine not doing something you want it to do, when it never claimed to do it in the first place (and in fact made it clear that it wouldn't) doesn't mean it's glitchy. And I'm not a 'dude' ;)
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    Change Image Plugin?

    No plugin can change that screen. Plugins affect the game when you play it, not the editor when you're designing it.

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