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    Hullo, Hullo.

    Greetings, friend! Hopefully the forums can give some extra boost to your new journey back in RM!
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    Post Your Music

    This is old. Like, really old but why not lmao.
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    VX Ace Terrain Edits (RTP)

    Glad it's helpful!
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    SeraphCircle Sideview Monster Packs

    This is pretty amazing. I love the exotic monster designs, such a heavy influence of japanese folklore! Also, is that a touch of romancing SaGa with your own twist? Wow! I'd definitely throw my money at you. Which makes me wonder, why isn't this on the storefront yet!? Cheers sweetie, I'd love...
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    VX Ace Terrain Edits (RTP)

    Thank you sweetie! <3
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    Musicians you love as musicians but hate as persons

    @ColdHate: Lol it's just me then? D: @Reapergurl: I didn't know anything polemic about Jimi Hendrix though, I'm not sure if I should search what's wrong with him or not. Uh, now that I see other nasty mentions in this thread, there's also John Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas. But I'm not...
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    Musicians you love as musicians but hate as persons

    Hm, it's rare for me to hate a musician, being the avid music fan that I am. Also Levianthan sounds quite good (melodic black metal in general does). quite In fact I don't think I hate any musicians as a person. I make fun of a lot of mainstream pop musicians for some of their cringy...
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    Dwys' Art Stash

    Whoa, you have an awesome style. I love the colours and the strong outlines! Great job!
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    Lurker Challenge!

    I created this account some time ago. But I'm basically a lurker, considering how little posts I have. Gods I wanted to make a game for so long but I feel that my incompetence is big hahaha!
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    Eraine's RTP Farm edits - now with growing fruittrees!

    Those look very well done! Thanks for sharing with us!
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    Favorite level design or mapping in a video game

    @LxCharon: Yup, exactly, even the 3d level design in dawn of mana still keeps true to the other games of the saga. By the way, your mention of Symphony of the Night is a great choice, everything is pretty unique and elegant, the dark tones and its fine decors, but also the demonic/hellish...
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    The Calm And the Fury: Art Contest

    So many great artworks! Too bad I was lazing around, otherwise I would be competing. @JosephSeraph OH MY GOD DID YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOVELY? <3 Great work, these girls are so gorgeous,you won period, SORRY GUYS.
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    Hello Community

    First, welcome to the pack community! I'm a lone wolf myself (*cough* quite literally *cough*), but still, I like to connect with people sometimes, so if you wanna hang out and discuss game making, I'm here! Ahhhhhh I know that feeling, christ the amount of time I've spent trying to create...
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    @ksart: Awesome, simply gorgeous! Although I am with Sharm in her critique. I suggest to look up references and see how trees usually look like, even in a more cartoon style it's possible to apply some realism in the shapes! Great job dear! @Iliketea: Looks good, but can be better if you try...
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    Favorite level design or mapping in a video game

    The entire mana saga, period. There is so much color, so much beauty. The way things contrasts, the cute, yet dramatic style. It conveys how much magical these games really are, and this is what inspires me to make my level designs.

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