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    Seven Mysteries: The Last Page (Supernatural, Horror)

    The animation is really cool! Stuff like that would definitely be a highlight if i saw it in a game!
  2. Shian

    Umikoume and the Secrets of the Sea

    I remember seeing something about  Wadanohara before and was amazed by the graphics, especially since almost if not everything seemed to be custom-made. So this is a fan-made sequel? Will be interesting to see how it pans out -- good luck!
  3. Shian

    Just Face It! (All 8 episodes are out!)

    Ah, I remember thinking when playing the game that the whole "hair, moustache, fangs" element and how it tied into the skills and the wonders of the random faces was deserving of more than just a weekend-long contest! Now I get to see them more! Plus I loved the "humour"ous bats. I hope they...
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    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Congratulations to the winners! I agree that there were lots of quality entries--I've pretty much lost track of which games I've played and who made them. However amidst them all I can still remember elvenheart's game and what it was about, so obviously it left a good impression! Congrats on...
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    Fonts and commercial RM games

    Usually with an option somewhere to pay for, donate or otherwise talk to the owner of the font for commercial use. Online fonts are nice in that many good ones have cheap licences. MS Fonts are not automatically usable. Perhaps if you own a business-level Microsoft Office you can use them (but...
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    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Matseb, your battlers are hilarious. The idea of enemies based on the four humours with that dialogue is funny enough, but with the faces included too... elvenheart's also gave me mixed feelings because I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry. @metronome Thanks for the feedback! There's...
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    Super Awesome Face Contest

    If you investigate most of the events in the room the door will open, which means you've missed out on the last quarter of the game! There's a "unlocking" sound that plays when the door unlocks, plus the project itself is unencrypted so if you wish you can cheat and see where all the events...
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    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Thanks for the feedback! I have uploaded a version on Dropbox which I am now 99.9% sure is bug-free.
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    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Wow, you're quick! Somehow I had a feeling something was wrong (/this is my first ever game upload so I knew something would go wrong) so I downloaded the game and checked it myself--found out I had forgot to reset everything to standard settings (i.e. not for testing), so I deleted the files...
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    Super Awesome Face Contest

    There are some really funny entries so far! However I'm kinda surprised to see that apart from Monkeysnow and BCJ's entries there isn't that much horror, because the first thing I thought when I saw the competition rules was "Horror game". So here's my entry! Only A Mother, a horror story...
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    Tax for art commission? (AUSTRALIA)

    Honestly considering the circumstances you will probably get away with it this fiscal year (i.e. the 1st July next year, when you have to send in your tax return for he last 12 months and a new one starts... P.S> NOT LEGAL ADVICE). However, depending on how far this work goes, how far other work...
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    Tax for art commission? (AUSTRALIA)

    Interesting question! I found a long legal page with examples etc.  The gist seems to be that you can either make art as a hobby or as a business. The actual guidelines are somewhat open to interpretation. However at the point that you say you get a monthly payment, that you're PART of a...
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    You have earned an Achievement!

    On Steam I have the achievements popup disabled because it pulls me out of the in-game immersion, and often contains spoilers as to how far I am in the game etc. I honestly don't even care about them, but then even for me they do have a use: I can finish a game, then go and look at...
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    Horror game who use true place

    Using real places is great! It is done all the time. The problem then, though, is actually making  it look like the place you are basing it on. You're Canadian and I suppose you've been to the Canadian Forests before, but have you ever really looked carefully at what it is made of? You'd...
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    Dreaming Mary (Sidescrolling Adventure Game)

    Hi, great game, but you probably already know that! I'm here for bug reports and suggestions! First the bug reports: - When porting save files from the original to updated version, loading the original saves goes to a black screen. Entering the save screen then exiting seems to work to fix it...

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