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    teh Shielder Nella anime ?

    teh Shielder Nella anime ?
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    What's the best game made with RPG maker you've ever encountered?

    Well, I quite love this game, I can't believe its just a sample game while looking how good it is...
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    Just start new project after 5 years break from gamedev and played around skyrim too much...

    Just start new project after 5 years break from gamedev and played around skyrim too much...
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    throw away something to get others? :D

    throw away something to get others? :D
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    write something.. done.

    write something.. done.
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    Poll: Favorite Town Mapping Style for 2D/JRPG games

    I guess it depends on what purpose of your "interior" map. for the shop, IMO there's no need a roof tile because you only want to trade something with NPC. Interior map still better when there's a lot of events can be triggered like a hidden treasure or special cutscene. So I prefer DQ style...
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    What makes a good Isekai game? What to avoid?

    As a game, I don't think isekai based game will be different from your common jrpg. IMO A good isekai genre is when there is a sense of wonder about another world. The character should find something he/she unfamiliar with so it will motivate him/her to explore the world more and encounters...
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    Consistency vs. Variety

    Oh, I thought this post gonna have voting lol. I prefer consistency because I think it's not all of the varieties making the game better. IMO a game should have a distinct theme that represented by the artworks, music or world-building concept. Consistency will become a guideline for the...
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    New Project Yays and Nays

    Looking to: Write the story and build the world via mapping. Dread: Database, maybe I am just sick seeing numbers and calculations because I already did it at work. haha :)
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    Story vs Gameplay - which is more important in a RPG

    I prefer amazing gameplay because most games I played using the story as a justification for the game system. or make the world become more believable because players will know about the history, the social system, the people, etc. if I need to read an amazing story, I rather take any visual...
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    Do you have a preference on how many party members you like in turn based battles?

    it depends on what your character able to do, solo character is good when he/she have a lot of skills ( heal, magic, support etc ). two characters also okay when you just fixed one and able to change the partner ( kinda FF mystic quest). Three is the most optimal choice because you're able to...
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    What is it mean to be an Adventurer?

    cannot agree with this, IRL "guild" system have been exist since medieval era. so it's completely fine if there exist in the fantasy setting. for what i know, adventurer guilds have big influence because their founders or sponsors kinda like famous. they have relation with authority and...

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