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    Menu Actor Switch Buttons

    Thank you for this plugin! More people need to know this exists and use it!\It's a quality of life feature for any RPG. One of those things, you don't think about needing it but instantly feel it when it is missing.  Thanks again!
  2. Shikuroshi

    Equip/Status Menu Help

    Ah! This looks like it will work for me. I'll test it right away EDIT: Works Great! Thank you very much I appreciate the help! C: I've looked through all of Yanfly's MV plugins, and I haven't found anything in his catologue, however I'm looking into DreamX's plugin that was just suggested. 
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    Equip/Status Menu Help

  4. Shikuroshi

    MVStripper - remove unused assets from your MV project

    This is pretty cool and helpful! I'll be giving it a test run when I release my demo. c: Thanks!
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    Free Map Generator

    Cool! Thanks! I really appreciate this because when it comes to large world maps I usually get lost in myself.
  6. Shikuroshi

    FREE Authoring tool

    I never knew this type of program existed. c: Thanks for showing it off, I'm downloading it now to try it out
  7. Shikuroshi

    Equipable Costumes Plugin Request *Figured out*

    In my game i was hoping to have costumes that could be equiped like an accessory in its own slot. I have the equipment slot and items created but no way to change what my actors appearance is based on the equipment.  My inspiration on this is similar to the title system in the tales series...
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    Equip/Status Menu Help

    I am not 100% sure if a plugin like this has already been made, I looked around online but I never could really think of the right words in my search term to get what I wanted through the layers of google, so here I am.  What I am looking for is a plugin that will let me push a button while I...
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hey if it works go for it! c: It's not like I came up with the concept of adding luck into your crit chance. I'll test out this formula and get back with my findings.  Edit: This worked lovely. I got a crit 85% of the time and that is fine by me! Now I can go about the rest of my life. Thanks...
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

     I liked your formula a lot better, I didn't consider using the enemiy's luck in this situation and I thank you for that. But I changed the formula and after a bit of testing I still don't seem to be getting any crits at all. The only change I made was the formula into the one you posted. ...
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I changed it down to %1 and it doesn't seem to effect it. Unless I am unlucky, or totally misinterpreted and the higher the number the more likely a crit will happen.
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    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I'm using yanfly's crit control to add my character's luck into the formula for a critical strike but it doesn't seem to be helping and I'm not sure what the issue is. I have my characters luck stat at 532 for testing purposes and in about 50 attacks I haven't landed a single crit. against...
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    Limit Number of Followers (without changing battle party)

    I didnt know that! I just glanced over it on the webpage and it didnt seem like it had anything to help me. I'll load it into my maker later to give the perams a look over. Thanks! :D
  14. Shikuroshi

    Limit Number of Followers (without changing battle party)

    Hello, I've run into a bit of a hurdle with my game. I have made my character sprites fairly large and with four followers the screen can look a bit cramped. However I do not want to give up all of my followers to only have one character on the screen. I was hoping that someone knew of or could...
  15. Shikuroshi

    [MV] ZE - Character Poses

    I'll keep an eye on this plugin then. c: Thanks for the work you do and it's not really a rush so if you don't get around to it don't worry.

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