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    Looking for a Chrono Trigger-esque map label system

    Straight to the point. In Chrono Trigger, there's a system in the world maps where a label appears when you approach to a location. I want to achieve something similar in my world map. I know of a way, but it would take a lot of images and disk space. What I'd like to do is to display the...
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    RPG Maker 2003

    EDIT: I think I accidentally quoted myself instead of editing my last post, so if any mod sees this, please delete this message >_<
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    RPG Maker 2003

    Having no scripting system yet, it is intended for simpler RPG games compared to RPGXP onwards, but with a good knowledge of it you can sort of create your own battle systems and such. What do you mean "how to get started"? The eventing system has not changed much between versions, so if you...
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    Event One Map Game Challenge

    I mostly was referring to the "multiple map simulating", as in, a part of the map looking like the outdoors, then another one like inside a house and so on
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    Event One Map Game Challenge

    Sounds interesting. I'd be up for it. @Touchfuzzy Just a question about the "No simulating multiple maps using complicated tileset switching or other such tricks" part. RPG Maker VX makes use of a unique tileset for everything. Does this rule apply for VX as well? There would be no complicated...
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    Can I use my friend's RPG Maker ?

    Well, Steam should let him ask for a refund as long as it's had less than 2 weeks from date of purchase, AND less than 2 hours of use. If he meets those requirements, then he should be able to ask for a refund, then purchase it as a gift. Here:
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    A good tool/tutorial to make MIDIs loop?

    I know how to make a MIDI sequence itself. I know about FL Studio's capabilities for doing so, unfortunately FL Studio is not free, so I'd have to buy it in order to use it for my projects. But that's not my question. What I want is the MIDI sequence to loop not from the beginning, but from a...
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    A good tool/tutorial to make MIDIs loop?

    Hello! Been a while since I last tinkered with the old-school stuff. I'm thinking of doing an experimental project just to re-learn how to use RPG Maker 200x, especially since the official versions have notable differences from the unofficial ones. I'm going off-topic though, so I'll get to the...
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    RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 and MADO!

    I did. And I just noticed I got a response from a developer, despite the post still being under moderation. It's apparently something they're considering to implement.
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    RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 and MADO!

    I just got MADO. It looks like it will be of use to me. The only complaint I have so far... Why hasn't anyone thought of adding a feature to MV that automatically scans and adds the Tools in? It is confusing especially for new users. People usually expects the tools to appear somewhere in the...
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    RPG Maker 2003 Update v1.12a

    I'm just happy to see the old school RPG Makers getting the love they didn't get in so many years! I'll make sure to check the sample games once I get into my computer. I don't know if the game runtime still won't play nice with Remote Desktop.
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    KUL - Item Lantern 's Battery System?

    Well, you bought KUL, right? Try redownloading the package itself, it should have the help files in there. As for the battery system, I kind of had the same question. What I'm trying myself to solve this is to implement Kuro's Any Bar...
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    RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Update!

    Ah, I see. Well, I got the white screen when I tried using MV through Remote Desktop connections (I use RDP often to connect to my home computer). Would the Angle version actually solve that issue?

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