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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    There is no zip with the shadowed batlers, all of them?
  2. Shin

    N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events

    Ah, this is excelent. Would you add a message code for showing icons?
  3. Shin

    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    Looks awesome. Not we have better female assets. But MEGA is so slow...
  4. Shin

    Storytellers MV Facesets [Updated 01/01/17 - SF_People1_7]

    You are doing a fine job. Please continue.
  5. Shin

    Rolling fog and/or other FX (Floating particles)?

    I believe you could probably reach a basic fog effect through the use of image manipulation events.
  6. Shin

    S1lvanuZ's Tileset Addons!

    These are very nice. Thanks, man.
  7. Shin

    Some help with Simple Shadows

    Thanks for the reply, Shaz. With a switch I would be able to disable all the shadows at once, that is not what I want. What I want is to be able to disable the shadows of specific events.
  8. Shin

    Some help with Simple Shadows

    Well, I having been trying to make a plugin that adds small shadows below the characters and events. I 've had a parcial success as you can see. Sprite_Character.prototype.createShadowSprite = function() { this._shadowSprite = new Sprite(); this._shadowSprite.bitmap =...
  9. Shin

    $Battalion (Group of Soldiers Sprite)

    I like the idea but I think soldiers should march in line. :P
  10. Shin

    I want to thank RPG maker community

    You are welcome. BD
  11. Shin

    So, uh, hey guys!

    I am a big fan of your art, I hope you get on doing faces for MV as soon as possible. Welcome back, Jalen.
  12. Shin

    Feedback RPG Maker MV

    The thing with having a internal editor it is not at all related to learning how to code, it would simply be easier to access the plugin's code. It would be better, espcially for advanced coders who could simply test it out their plugins just by saving the project and playing... just like all...
  13. Shin

    Feedback RPG Maker MV

    My only complaints so far are the lack of plugin editor and the very few enemy characters. I was hoping for the XP amount.
  14. Shin

    Indrah's MV tiles

    I like those a lot, it gave me some ideas.
  15. Shin

    RMMV compatible Icons

    Great list. I love 7Soul style, but he usually makes 34x34 icons. Well, they look better resized to 32x32 than they ever looked resized to 24x24.

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