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  • Closing in on having all the features I want in my game, just can't figure out how get yanfly's system options script to do what I want..
    Alas, just ultimately didn't have the time to devote to the indie game contest this year.
    Is this a yearly thing? I missed that bit :(
    Wish it was yearly.
    Finding the DS tilesets reeaally limited.. and given the scope is a one hour long game that's distressing..
    What do you feel it is missing?
    Shion Kreth
    Shion Kreth
    Variety, I find just trying to make a little town area down is pretty hard with how little's available.
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I was planning on getting new character management feature into Character Generator, but my recent illness has delayed this somewhat. I will try and get it done today (which would be a miracle) but if not, I will have to complete the whole lot by Tuesday. This should hopefully be fine and all other feature updates should not have their target dates affected.
Everybody: "Hey, weren't you supposed to be making a game"?

I've been watching videos about the videogame streamer Open Hand charity scandal, and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper. At first it was just a lot of donated money being grossly neglected for years, and now there's a lot of money unaccounted for, which could turn this into a legitimate IRS crackdown.
Let's have some fun with my advent calendar. What would you like to see for Day 3: land, sea, or air? :rheh:
I've been thinking about doing a jokey submission for the Christmas jam in which, like a cartoon special where all the characters "play" a counterpart in A Christmas Carol, my MagiCats would each play a role from the C.A. Smith story The Coming of the White Worm, with Cyprian as Evagh, Rousalie as Dooni and so forth. But in the end, I figure all my development efforts should go toward the game proper.

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