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  • $Bertie and Tuca and.pngWorking on walk sprites! How does it look? Any suggestions?
    I love the style! Pretty good :kaopride:
    Looking cute! :kaoluv: I really like the dress, and you done a good job on the legs, simple but they work! How about putting some sway into the dress tho? Like a bit of sideways movement for the front & back view, and a bit o' back and forth movement for the side view? I think you could also liven up the hair a bit, but I can't say how, I always suck at animating hair... :kaoswt:
    I wonder why RPG Maker isn't more popular, with the way level creation games (like Dreams and Mario Maker) have gotten so much interest lately. With other creation games, you're bound to the platform. But RPG Maker can go anywhere! So why hasn't it?
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    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    For one, these level creation games especially those bound by popular titles like Mario, is well helped by the popularity. Another is marketing, these titles are more marketed. I think another thing is the fact that these are mostly on gaming consoles, where people who has them are gamers so its easier to market it to them, not sure about the console RPG makers though..
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Its also easier to make levels than a game, and level makers also make it easy to share/play them with friends. With RM, you need to want to be making a game, and because of its name, people assume that it can only do RPG, only once you delve into it that you'll know it can do way more than that.

    Plus if a person asks another how to make games, that person is more likely to say things like: Unity or Unreal than RM
    Accessibility is such a huge factor. It's easy to install Mario Maker, it's easy to make a level, it's easy to share it, and it's somewhat easy to play someone's level. Installing RPG maker seems to have some issues with a large amount of users, making a full game is a massive undertaking, games aren't small or centralized, etc.
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